Artist For Art Exploration *indicates material on this artist may be found in the Bessie Chin Library
Artists for Art Exploration
Beckman, Max
Benton, Thomas Hart *
Bonnard, Pierre *
Degas, Edgar * Botticelli *
Seurat, Georges * Caitlin, George *
Picasso, Pablo * Chagall, Marc *
Braque, Georges * Close, Chuck
Derain, Andre * Curry, John Stewart
Ray, Man * Leonardo da Vinci *
Klee, Paul * Davis, Stuart *
Kandinsky, Wassily * De Chirico, Giorgio *
Matisse, Henri * Vlaminck, Maurice de *
Cézanne, Paul * Delacroix, Eugene *
Duchamp, Marcel * Dine, Jim
Mondrian, Piet * Dubuffet, Jean
Miró, Joan * Eakins, Thomas *
Dalí, Salvador * Francis, Sam
Magritte, Rene * Gabo, Naum
Kahlo, Frida * Giacometti, Alberto *
O’Keeffe, Georgia * (note the spelling: 2 e's and 2 f's) Gorky, Arshile *
Rivera, Diego * Gris, Juan
Goya, Francisco * Hartley, Marsden
Gauguin, Paul * Henri, Robert
Gogh, Vincent van * (may also be under "Van Gogh") Hockney, David *
Munch, Edvard * Homer, Winslow *
Kollowitz, Käthe * Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig
Nolde, Emil * Kline, Franz
Pollock, Jackson * Krasner, Lee
Vermeer, Johannes * (also known as Jan Vermeer) Lichtenstein, Roy *
Greco * (El Greco, also known as Domenikos Theotokopoulos) Louis, Morris *
Francisco, Goya * Marc, Franz
Velásquez, Diego * Michelangelo *
Hopper, Edward * Orozco, Jose Clement *
De Kooning, Willem * Pisarro, Camile *
Johns, Jasper * Prendergast, Maurice
Ernst, Max * Raphael *
Thiebaud, Wayne * Rauschenberg, Robert *
Basquiat, Jean-Michel * Reinhardt, Ad
Bechtle, Robert * Rockwell, Norman *
Diebenkorn, Richard * Rosenquist, James
Ringgold, Faith * Rothko, Mark *
Freud, Lucian Rouault, Georges *
Chagoya, Enrique Rubens, Peter Paul *
Lawrence, Jacob * Sargent, John Singer *
Frankenthaler, Helen * Schwitters, Kurt
Shahn, Ben * Siqueros, David Alfaro *
Sloan, John * Stella, Frank *
Stella, Joseph * Still, Clyfford *
Stuart, Clifford Titian *
Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de * Van Eyck, Jan *
Vuillard, Edouard * Weber, Max *
Whistler, James McNeill * Wood, Grant *
Other Artists
Banksy Storer, Inez
Richter, Gerhard * Bearden, Romare *
Arneson, Robert Bourgeois, Louise
Cornell, Joseph * Saar, Betye
Sherman, Cindy * Leibovitz, Annie *
Koons, Jeff Ant Farm
Ofili, Chris Owens, Laura
Warhol, Andy * Haring, Keith *
Schnabel, Julian Doig, Peter
Rembrandt (Harmenszoon van Rijn) *  


Some Useful Websites for Background

Graphic Arts Page on the Library Website --
Redwood Library's page with links to information about the graphic arts including individual artists

Artchive --
Mark Harden's Artchive is an index to works by all sorts of artists. Browseable by name of artist and time periods, genres, schools of art, etc. For a banner-free version use this link and the user ID "artchive" and the password "cezanne".

Artcyclopedia --
The major art encyclopedia on the Web. It provides access to articles from the current Encyclopaedia Britannica on over 1,300 artists. The library also has an individual subscription to the Britannica Online at

Art Fact --
A commercial database of artists and their works with an emphasis on the current value of works of art.


Art on the Web --
A commercial database of artists and their works with an emphasis on the current value of works of art. --
"Artists and art..., the major modern & contemporary visual artists (up to 7000), each artist with portrait, brief biography, links to articles, essays and artist interviews; original art, limited edition art prints, photography and poster art, paintings, multimedia and artists' books."

WebMuseum, Paris: Famous Artworks Exhibition --
Mostly European art works, from Gothic to 20th century, are indexed by period or theme. The Artist Index gives access to a list of more than 150 artists with biographical information and images of their work.

For contemporary artists try searching for the artistís personal website, for museums or galleries that have shown the artist, or for published reviews of the artist.