Visual and Performing Arts
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Performing Arts (Yahoo!) -
Yahoo's categories on this topic include: Acrobatics; Acting; Books; Centers; Cinema; Circus Arts; Companies; Contortionism; Dance; Education; Festivals; Historical Reenactment; Institutes; Libraries; Magazines; Magic; Medicine; Mime; Mumming; Music; Opera; Organizations; Performance Animation; Performance Art; Performers; Publications; Puppetry; Revels; Shows; Stage Combat; Stagecraft; Storytelling; Street Performance; Theater; Web Directories; and Usenet.
Dance, Performance, and Entertainment Arts
Links to a wide variety of dance and other performing arts Web sites.
Drawing, Painting, Art Museums and Art Resources
Links to online museums and exhibitions, which allow one to view thousands of pieces of art.
Film and Video Study and Appreciation
Links to information about film and movies, including film reviews and movie facts.
Music Resources
Links to Web sites about music and musicians, from ancient through classic to contemporary, and related information.
Folk Arts & Handicrafts
Links to sites about handicrafts and folk art including weaving, quilting, fashion, design and other textile arts information is found here.
Ceramics and Sculpture
Links to Web sites about the plastic arts.

Unedited links
Laughing Squid: Underground Art and Culture
                        from San Francisco and Beyond
                            An "online resource for independent art and culture of San
                            Francisco and beyond," Laughing Squid includes sections
                            devoted to film and video, music, arts venues,
                            performance, robotics and technology, visual arts, and
                            more. Includes links to resources for artists of all kinds and
                            to information about San Francisco and the Bay Area as a
                            center for "underground" arts. Subscribe (free) to The
                            Squid List for daily announcements of selected independent
                            art and culture events.

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