American Studies
[Dewey numbers: 917.3; 973]
New American Studies Web -
Searchable, annotated directory of over 2000 Web resources in twenty-eight fields, including diaspora; economy; environment; anthropology; gender; government, politics, and current affairs; history; music; nationalism; philosophy; popular culture; race, ethnicity, and identity; religion; science and technology; sociology; war; labor; and more. (American Studies Association/Georgetown University)
American Studies Gateway -
This page at Academic Info is a directory to links on such topics as: September 11; Portals & General Resources; Reference Desk; Digital Library; Organizations & Centers; African American History; American Art; American Literature; American Religions; American Women's History; Asian American Studies; Film Studies; Government Documents; Government Stats; Law & Legal Research; Native American Studies; Nuclear Studies; U.S. History Gateway; Early America; New Republic; Modern America; American West; The Cold War; African American History; American Women's History; Native American Studies; U.S. Politics; and The White House.
American Studies at the University of Virginia -
The Web page of the American Studies program at UV, it has links to online exhibits on such topics as: Programs (academic and course information; Yellow Pages (general topics of study); Museum (current exhibits at the Museum for American Studies); Hypertexts (enhanced texts of authors from Henry Adams to Owen Wister and the WPA); Cultural Maps (historical, social and cultural geography); The Capitol (Washington, D.C.); Electronic Classroom (guide for teachers and students to UV and other American Studies programs); and The 1930s (an online flash exhibit on the decade).
Democracy in America -
From the above site this is an interesting attempt to recreate the United States in 1831 to complement the full-text of Alexis de Tocquevilleĺs book, Democracy in America. The site ôcontains a virtual tour of America based on de Tocqueville's itinerary, on his and his friend Beaumont's letters and journals, on contemporaneous accounts of other foreign visitors, and on a variety of examples of material culture of the period, mostly paintings and engravings. It also holds explorations of Womens' Place [sic] at the time, of attitudes toward race and color, towards religion, and towards everyday life.ö (American Studies Group/University of Virginia)
National Women's History Project -
Womenĺs history and Womenĺs History Month information, project ideas, and events. The Learning Place has an excellent set of annotated links, a list of womenĺs history costumed performers by state, and additional resources for those planning women's history programs.
General Social Survey (GSS) -
This site tracks "trends in American attitudes, experiences, practices, and concerns." Subjects include economics, population, education, child development, health, statistics, methodology, substance abuse, mental health, and criminal justice. Users may browse or search the library collection. Some studies are reported solely in summary format.

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