Biotechnology Resources
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[ Genetics and Molecular Biology ]

Yahoo! Biotechnology -
Yahoo's directory of links to Web sites about biotech. Includes such topics as: Agriculture; Biomedical Ethics; Cloning; Companies; Conferences; Courses; Genetic Engineering; Institutes; Journals; Organizations; and Pharmacology.
BioWorld Online
This is a comprehensive site for biotechnology-related information and services.
Agricultural Biotechnology  -
This "AgNIC (Agriculture Network Information Center) gateway is a guide to quality agricultural biotechnology information on the Internet." (U. of Maryland)
BioTrack Online
information related to biotechnology and biosafety provided by the OECD's Programme on the Harmonization of Regulatory Oversight in Biotechnology. (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development)
This is a Web site for bioscience professionals.
BioTech's Biotechnology Dictionary
This site provides a free, searchable online dictionary of biology, chemistry and biotechnology terms.
Biotechnology Industry ( -
This Internet gateway provides links to hundreds of sites about the biotech industry. Topics include: Associations; B2B Exchange; Background Information; Biotechnology Company Listing; Book Reviews; Business Development; Career Listings; Career Tips/Info; Consulting; Dictionaries; Ethics; Future Directions; Industry Calendar; Industry Statistics; Industry Trends; Information Technology; International; Investing; Leading Companies; News Sources; Patents; Regulation; Research Topics; Suppliers; Trade Journals; and Venture Capital.
Biotech Chronicles -
"Biotech Chronicles is a brief history of biotech discoveries which continue to influence the field today. We have included essays on genetics and DNA research, profiles of some of the influential individuals who have helped build the botechnology industry, and an integrated series of time lines which provide an overview of biotechnology from a historical perspective."
Biospace -
Biotechnology site with links to science articles and company information. Check calendar of industry events, investment information, subscribe to e-mail newsletter on industry developments, and search for jobs by region, company, category. The Glossary is more than a list of definitions. There's a list of the basic terms in the field, and many of the glossary words are linked to available lists of related terms, companies, jobs, and news. LII

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