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Plants & Gardening (580, 635)

Plant Biology (Botany) Reference -
This is the Internet Public Library Web site of links to botanical sites on the Internet. (IPL)
CalFlora -
Database of information on over 8,350 "recognized vascular plants...including scientific and common names, synonymy, distribution from literature sources, legal status, wetland codes, habitat info, and more. Includes a photo of the plant, if available, from the CalPhotos California Plants and Habitats Collection. To get information on any wild plant in California, enter any one or more search terms and then click search. Enter a plant name to find an specific species, or select a county to create a checklist, or select 'rare' and 'fern' to find rare ferns. There are many combinations to search by! (UC Berkeley Digital Library) (LLI)
CalPhotos: Plants -
A collection of more than 24,000 color images of native and naturalized California plant species and habitats, each image linked to scientific information on that species. Searches can be done on any or all of fields such as: Name (scientific or common); Location; County; Type (e.g. wildflowers, trees, vines, algae); and Color. (UC Berkeley Digital Library) (LLI)
Jepson Flora Project -
Searchable or browsable "checklist and distribution maps of taxa covered by" The Jepson Manual, the "standard reference on California's native and naturalized vascular-plant diversity." Information may include the counties where found, elevation, scientific and common name, chromosomal number, and more. Some are linked to the Flora of North America, providing a description of the plant. The taxa lists may be downloaded. Lists may also be viewed by county or region. (LLI)
California Wildflowers -
For every California wildflower this site offers photographs, a description, and distribution information. Users can browse by color, common name, Latin name, or family name. A California map of Floristic Regions is also included. From the California Academy of Sciences.(LII)
Plants Topics Page (Librarian's Index to the Internet) -
This page is a list of topics about plants and botany which have been chosen by LII as being particulary useful. Topics include: Agriculture; Algae; Begonias; Biology; Bonsai; Botanical Illustration; Botany; Cactus & Succulents; Camellias; Endangered Plants; Fossils; Fungi; Gardening; Hemp; Invasive & Alien Plants; Lichens; Medicinal Plants; Native Plants; Orchids; Pest Control; Photosynthesis; Plant Dictionaries; Plants in California; Poisonous Plants; Pollination; Roses; Seaweed; Seeds; Trees; and Wild Flowers (LLI)
Gardening Topics Page (Librarian's Index to the Internet) -
This page is a list of topics about gardening and horticulture which have been chosen by LII as being particulary useful. Topics include: Bonsai; Children's Gardens; Composting; Flower Language; Fruit Culture; Gardens; Gardens in California; Grafting; Greenhouse Plants; Herbs; House Plants; Landscape Design; Lawns; Organic Gardening; Pest Control; Plants; Seeds; Terrariums; Vegetable Gardening; and Wild Flowers (LLI)
Florida Plants Online -
This Web site will direct you plants, nurseries and gardens in Florida. Use E-Flora Florida to find plants native to Florida by common name, family, genus or ecosystem.
Search this database for common and scientific names of plants and data about them. (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture)
Horticulture Solutions -
Lots of information about trees and plants: Flowers, fruits, houseplants, plant pests, soils and fertilizer, trees and shrubs, vegetables. (Illinois Cooperative Extension Service)
Garden Web -
An interesting commercial site that has a variety of information related to gardening and plants.
P. Allen Smith Gardens -
This Web site contains weekly tips from one of TV's most famous gardeners.
Vegetable Research and Information Center -
Vast quantities of information related to vegetables. Browse crops from asparagus to watermelon, or browse topics such as compost, food safety, pests, biotechnology, or soil. Includes Vegetable Humor (no, not jokes about bureaucrats). Some content also available in Spanish. (Department of Vegetable Crops, University of California, Davis) (LLI)

Mediterranean Climate Gardening Throughout the World -
Coastal California shares its Mediterranean climate, "humid winters and long, hot and dry summers," with the coasts of the Mediterranean, the South African Cape, Southern and Western Australia, and Central Chile. This site gathers information about the plants, gardens, and gardening organizations of these areas to connect gardeners who are "struggling with similar problems and can benefit from solutions dreamt up halfway around the globe." The bibliography is particularly useful. (LLI)
Tom Volk's Fungi -
Images and information about fungi. Fungus of the Month dates back to 1997 and includes information, images, and pronunciation. Holiday Fungi lists the role played by some fungi in several holidays. Includes related links. From a biology professor at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse. (LLI)

Agriculture in General (630)

CRS Reports on Agriculture -
Links to dozens of reports by the Congressional Research Service and maintained by the National Library for the Environment on such topics as: Agroterrorism: Options in Congress; Food Safety and Protection Issues in the 107th Congress; Agricultural Trade Issues in the 107 th Congress; Farm “Counter-Cyclical Assistance”; Fuel Ethanol: Background and Public Policy Issues; Farm Commodity Programs: A Short Primer; The 2002 Farm Bill: Overview and Status; Agriculture: A List of Websites; Merger and Antitrust Issues in Agriculture; and Farm Labor Shortages and Immigration Policy.
United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) -
The main site for the USDA offers the full text of the Agriculture Fact Book, which has detailed information about the structure of U.S. agriculture, rural America, rural economic and community development programs, food and nutrition, natural resources and the environment, and other subjects. The site also has details about farm legislation, a calendar of agricultural events, and links to Internet sites operated by USDA agencies.
Economic Research Service (ERS) -
The ERS site offers an extension collection of reports about agriculture, food, natural resources, and rural America. Some of the topics covered include agriculture chemicals and production technology, agricultural trade projections, concentration in the agribusiness industry, biotechnology, farm structure and income, food prices, international agriculture, and prices received for crops and livestock.
National Agricultural Library (NAL) -
The highlight of the NAL site is AGRICOLA, a database containing bibliographic records for more than two million items in the library's collection. It also offers a number of other specialized agriculture databases, an NAL telephone directory, and links to many other sites about agriculture.
USDA Economics and Statistics System -
The USDA Economics and Statistics System offers nearly 300 reports and datasets published by various economics agencies at the USDA. They provide detailed information about topics such as agricultural income and finances, farm production expenses, dairy production, world agricultural supply and demand, and the outlook for vegetables and specialty crops.
Food and Nutrition Information Center (FNIC) -
This site's highlight is a searchable database that contains nutrient data for thousands of foods. The site also provides a nice collection of links to documents across the Internet about eating disorders, cancer risk and nutrition, diabetes, dietary guidelines, dietary supplements, fiber, food allergies, food labels, food safety, hunger, osteoporosis and bone health, sports and exercise nutrition, vegetarian eating, and weight management, among other topics. -
This site is a gateway to federal government information about food safety. It has safety alerts, consumer advice, information about how to report illnesses and product complaints, descriptions of foodborne pathogens, details about federal food safety programs, and links to federal and state food safety agencies.

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