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General Infomation

Yahoo! California -
The Web directories to links about the state of California. Link are provided to: Metropolitan Areas (San Francisco Bay Area); Counties and Regions (Marin County); Cities (Larkspur | Corte Madera); Area Guides; Government; Arts & Humanities; Health; Business & Economy; News & Media; Community & Culture; Real Estate; Computers & Internet; Recreation & Sports; Education; Science; Employment; Social Science; Entertainment; and Travel & Transportation. Weather and sports scores are also provided at this site.
Counting California-
This is a service that allows users "to discover and use government-produced statistics about California." ... "Included are current and historical census data, almanac-style statisitcs, county business data, and a range of education, crime, election, and demographic information from a number of different sources." Browsable topics include: Agriculture and Natural Resources; Banking, Finance and Insurance; Business and Industry; Crime, Law Enforcement & Criminal Justice; Education; Elections; Energy and Public Utilities; Health and Vital Statistics; Housing Characteristics and Costs; Income, Poverty, and Cost of Living; Land, Water and Climate; Population and Demographics; Public Finance, Government & Taxes; Social Services and Public Assistance; Transportation; and Work, Labor, and Employment. (U of California. California Digital Library)
CalPhotos -
CalPhotos is a collection of 46,515 images of plants, animals, fossils, people, and landscapes. A variety of organizations and individuals have contributed photographs to CalPhotos. Please be aware that these various contributors maintain copyright and follow the usage guidelines provided with each image. Searchable.


Online Archive of California -
"A core component of the California Digital Library, the Online Archive of California (OAC) is a digital information resource that facilitates and provides access to materials such as manuscripts, photographs, and works of art held in libraries, museums, archives, and other institutions across California.... The OAC includes a single, searchable database of "finding aids" to primary sources and their digital facsimiles. Primary sources include letters, diaries, manuscripts, legal and financial records, photographs and other pictorial items, maps, architectural and engineering records, artwork, scientific logbooks, electronic records, sound recordings, oral histories artifacts and ephemera."
California History Online -
"The California History Online is a site sponsored by the California Historical Society. The story of California from physical geography to the historical events is told in short articles accessed through a timeline. Covering the state's history from the European exploration through the Great Depression of the 1930s, each of these areas contains several entries, which give a thorough overview of the topic. Many pictures from the collection of the California Historical Society are included.
California Heritage Project -
"The California Heritage Collection is an online archive of more than 30,000 images illustrating California's history and culture, from the collections of the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley. Selected from nearly two hundred individual collections, this unique resource uses the latest online archiving techniques to highlight the rich themes of California's history."
The Museum of the City of San Francisco -
History of the City of San Francisco. Can be searched topically or chronologically. Includes pages about the two major earthquakes (1906 and 1989), the San Francisco Fire Department, the Gold Rush, the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, World War II, and rock music history. Several other specific pages at this site are particularly interesting. How California Came to be Admitted: The Slavery Issue - the issue of how slavery affected the admission of California to statehood is examined in this article Includes quotes from newspapers of that time. From the Museum of the City of San Francisco. San Francisco at Statehood - read here about what it was like in San Francisco at the time of California's acceptance as a new state of the United States. "Life in California Before the Gold Discovery," - magazine article by John Bidwell, pioneer of 1841, leader of the first overland wagon train over the Sierras. Ranch and Mission Days in Alta California - By Guadalupe Vallejo, this article tells of the pioneers of the Pacific coast, building towns and Missions while General Washington was carrying on the war of the Revolution.
California History Collection -
This page is an index to a collection of articles at the Library of Congress. Articles include: The Name and the Geography; The First Peoples of California; Spanish California; The Missions; Mexican California; The United States and California; The Discovery of Gold; The Forty Niners; Government and Law; The Mines; Towns and Cities; From Gold Rush to Golden State; California: Magnet for Tourists and Home Buyers; Other Californians; The Turn of the Century in California; Conclusion: Reading California's Early History (Library of Congress American Memory Project)
"California as I Saw It": California's Early Years, 1849-1900 -
Offers full texts of 190 eyewitness accounts from the pioneering era of California. It captures the pioneer experience; encounters between Anglo-Americans and the diverse peoples who had preceded them; the transformation of the land by mining, ranching, agriculture, and urban development and California's emergence as both a state and a place of uniquely American dreams. (Library of Congress American Memory Project)
Before and After the Great Earthquake and Fire -
This collection from the Library of Congress American Memory project consists of twenty-six films of "Early Films of San Francisco: Before and After the Great Earthquake and Fire, 1897-1916." Seventeen of the films depict San Francisco and its environs before the 1906 disaster. Seven films describe the great earthquake and fire. The two later films include a 1915 travelogue that shows scenes of the rebuilt city and a tour of the Panama Pacific Exposition and a 1916 propaganda film. (Library of Congress American Memory Project)
Central Pacific Railroad: Photographic History Museum -
A searchable site that traces the history of the railroad that met the Union Pacific Railroad at Promontory Point, Utah, May 10, 1869, to complete the first transcontinental railroad. The online collection includes photographs, stereographs, engravings, documents, railroad and survey maps, and other related materials. A bibliography, FAQ, and related links are included.
Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation -
This is the home page of "a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote a greater understanding of Pacific Coast immigration and its role in shaping America’s past, present and future. Through an array of interpretive programs and educational partnerships, the Foundation preserves the Immigration Station site, a National Historic Landmark, as a place that honors the complex story and rich cultural heritage of Pacific Coast immigrants and their descendants."
Search California History on LII -
The Librarians' Internet Index (LII) is a directory of good websites. This link will lead you to a list of almost 60 websites about California history.

Governmental Institutions

The following Websites are on the California State server in Sacramento.

California: Your Government -
The Web site for links to information on California's elected officials, courts, state agencies, local government, voting and elections, regulations, etc.
California Voting and Elections -
View legislative and congressional district maps for California. Learn about elections, candidates, parties and PACS including financial information and voting statistics; download the National Mail Voter Registration Form to register to vote from anywhere in the U.S. See also Politics and Elections Page on the Cybrary.
California Courts -
View the structure of the court system in California. Link to a selective list of California municipal and superior court web sites. Read full-text opinions of the California Supreme Court and the California Courts of Appeal. Browse publications available from the Judicial Branch; learn about the Judicial Council of California; link to the Administrative Office of the Court and more.
Court Rules -
This page has links to the whole range of courts in the state and rules which govern the conduct of trials from local courts to the Supreme Court. Choose a type of rule from the drop-down list. Most are available in either PDF or HTML format.
Official California Legislative Information -
This is "the official site for California legislative information. This WWW site is maintained by the Legislative Counsel of California, pursuant to California law. For more information, you may read Accessing California Legislative Information on the Internet, refer to Frequently Asked Questions, or visit other Legislative WWW sites. For new additions to our site, see our New Features page." Links to Legislative Updates may also be accessed through this Web site. Also available at this site are Laws, Codes and Regulations. See all 29 of California's legal code sections (the laws of the state) with a subject and keyword search. Browse a searchable index of all California bills passed through both houses of the Legislature; access statutes by subject and keyword search.

Issues, Problems & Other Sites

Little Hoover Commission -
Created in 1962 by the California legislature, the Little Hoover Commission is a bipartisan, independent body whose function is to promote efficiency, effectiveness and economy in state programs. Its reports cover investigations into issues which are important to the legislature, and affect lawmaking.
Legislative Analyst's Office -
The Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) provides analysis and nonpartisan advice to the California Legislature on fiscal and policy issues, and has done so for over fifty years. The LAO enjoys a national reputation for its fiscal and programmatic expertise, and its high quality, nonpartisan analyses. Many of the reports are available online. Scroll down their page and click on any that you want to read or use.
California Business Portal -
"Through this portal, you will find information you need to start and file a business entity [including nonprofit corporations] in the State of California. In addition, you can access information relating to business entity and other statutorily required filings, trademarks, service marks, UCC financing statements and Notary Public Commissions." Searchable. (California Secretary of State) (LII)

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