Here is an acronym which may help you to find a good book.


C = Cover Helps you guess what the story is about. Is it worn and ratty? sure sign of a popular and well-loved title.
A = Author Is it an author you know and love?
N = Number of pages Is it long enough for the assignment but not long enough to be daunting.
I = Illustrations Sometimes the fact of whether a title has illustration or not can be important.
T = Title Is the title one that grabs you and makes want to know more?
B = Blurb If the book has a short synopsis or come-on on the jacket or inside, does it grab your attention?
E = Excerpt Open the book and read a few pages for readability, style and reading level.
F = First page Read that opening page to see whether it intrigues you.
O = Opinions of Others Ask your teacher or the librarian about the book. What did they think?
R = Reverse of the title page Is there a summary note with the cataloging information?
M = My friends Have any of your friends read and loved the book?
E = Entire book Look at the binding, paper quality, font size, etc.

Here are also two tools which may help in finding a good book

NoveList --
Novelist is a subscription database which provided synopses, read-alikes, lesson plans and more for many fiction books. Login may be required for access. Please see the library staff for user name and password.
Reader's Advice --
This website provides a database which is administered by Janet Kerns, a retired Librarian based in Oklahoma, on behalf of a team of current and former Librarians in various parts of the United States. It provides advice to users on various fiction books. Browsable by "Big Names," latest books by big-name authors; Genre Index, books by type; authors and series listed alphabetically. There is also a page of reader's advisory tips & sources.

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