Sculpture and Ceramics Resources
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Many of the following links were originally gathered to support the student research for Mrs. Schulz' (Chico High School, Chico, CA) Art Class Ceramics Report
ClayNet International -
A Website with links to all things clay, ceramic, pottery, etc. Located in Australia.
Tiles on the Web -
This site covers everything about ceramic tiles with links to many other Web sites about the subject.
Art Images for Teaching -
Collections of art images for use in teaching, from ancient times to modern, including non-Western art. Mostly examples are of architecture and sculpture.
Art By Culture
Historic sculpture and architecture images organized according to the culture they are from. Cultures include Egyptian, Islamic, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Indian (Asia), prehistoric, Southeast Asian, Mesopotamian, Chinese, and medieval European. (San Jose [Calif.] State University)
Art Images by Period -
A wide variety of images of various art types are gathered here according to their historic period, including Greek, Roman, Renaissance, Baroque, and modern art.
Image Index -
From the Web site, Exploring Ancient World Cultures, is a wonderful image index to the cultural icons, art and architecture of eight ancient cultures (The Near East, India, Egypt, China, Greece, Rome, Early Islam and Medieval Europe.) Includes ceramics and sculpture.
Mother of All Art History Links Pages -
Huge collection of links to images from various world cultures.
Ancient Art -
The arts of the ancient Mediterranean world of Egypt, Greece, and Rome, as well as the ancient Near East and Islam, with most media represented including pottery, stone, glass, textile, and metal. Categories of art include sculpture, architecture, painting, weapons, armor, jewelry, textiles, and mummies. (Detroit Institute of Arts)
Clay Craft of India -
Demonstrates the pottery making traditions of the Indian subcontinent. From Discover India, the official Indian government site for matters related to the country.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art Collections -
Ancient and Islamic art, Japanese art, Far Eastern art, South and Southeast Asian art, decorative arts-- are a few of the sections of this large museum in Southern California with ceramic objects represented.
The Art of Chinese Pottery and Porcelain -
Nice explanation and background on the topic with color images. The origins of Chinese pottery and porcelain go back to distant antiquity.
Maya Civilization -
Brief review of Maya civilization, with excellent slide shows on their architecture, sculpture, as well as background on the cities, cosmology, writing, etc. Excellent Web site, with lots of images and graphics.
Onggi - The Utilitarian Art of Park Nah Sop -
Korean potter at work using traditional forms. From the online magazine Things Korean.
Scenes From a Primitive Past -
Describes the setting in which ancient Chinese built slab houses. Not much directly on the houses, but excellent description of the culture, with images.
African Art -
Links to images of African tribal people and art work. (Ron Johnson, Humboldt [Calif.] State Univ.)
Italian Maiolica -
Commercial catalog from a company in Nantucket, Massachusetts, for Italian maiolica, examples shown in color. Click on an image to see a larger view.
Italian Maiolica Explained -
Ceramiche Fabrro, a producer of Italian maiolica pottery explains the history and process which began in the Renaissance, with some examples shown. Please note the link to A Story from the Renaissance which explains the origin of the famous chicken pitchers.
Picol Passo and the Art of Maiolica in 16th Century Italy -
This Web site explores the history of the process of producing maiolica pottery which began in the 16th century.
The Story of Spode -
The home page of the company in England which produces fine china products. Explains the origins of bone china. Includes links to images.
African and African American Art Links -
Links to many Web sites featuring African and African-American art. Note the links to the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Institution, which have especially good resources.
Museum of International Folk Art Permanent Collections -
Description of permanent collections at this unit of the New Mexico State Museum in Santa Fe. The collections include world folk objects, Spanish colonial art, and contemporary Southwestern Hispanic art.
National Museum of the American Indian -
The Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian is dedicated to the preservation, study, and exhibition of the life, languages, literature, history, and arts of Native Americans. The museum works in collaboration with the Native peoples of the Western Hemisphere to protect and foster their cultures by reaffirming traditions and beliefs, encouraging contemporary artistic expression.
Index of Native American Art Related Exhibits on the Internet -
This Web site, part of the WWW Virtual Library, has links to many sites about contemporary and historical Native American arts and artists. Be sure to scroll down the page to the section on Online Exhibits.
Rainmakers from the Gods -
This is an online exhibit on the Hopi katsinam (kachinas). To see the images click on "Thumbnail Index" near the bottom of the page. (Peabody Museum, Harvard University)
The $41,800 Doorstop -
Blurb from auction house shows a damaged Grueby vase which sold at auction for over $40,000. The vase has a lily design and had been used as a doorstop. (Maine Antique Digest)
A History of Crystalline Glazes -
Several vases in the Robineau style are shown, with brief note. (Carol Green Studio)
The Ohr O'Keefe Museum of Art -
This museum, located in Biloxi, Mississippi, is dedicated to the work of George Ohr. Click on the section "About the Mad Potter" for biographical data, and "The Collection" to see a few images of his pottery.
Virtual Ceramics Exhibit -
"The following is an exhibition of contemporary ceramics utilizing the Internet as the gallery space. Statements by the organizers, jurors and artists along with brief resumes and digitized photos of the selected work comprise this electronic exhibition."
The Pottery of Oaxaca -
"These pages explore the pottery and people of Oaxaca (wah-HAH-ka) in southern Mexico. They are also about Eric Mindling who has created an adventurous life there locating and exporting this traditional ware."

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