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General Sites

China (Yahoo!) -
Yahoo's links to Web sites about the East Asian country of China. Subcategories include: Cities; Provinces, Regions, and Municipalities; Arts and Humanities; Business and Economy; Computers and Internet; Country Guides; Education; Entertainment; Government; Health; News and Media; Recreation and Sports; Reference; Science; Social Science; Society and Culture; and Travel.
Yahoo! China -
"[M]uch like Yahoo!, but tailor-made for Chinese users." This is Yahoo's Chinese version. Requires the ability to read Chinese characters on your monitor.
China (Yahoo News) -
This is Yahoo's links to news stories about China.
China: History (Google Directory)  -
Includes links to about twenty websites about Chinese history as well as links to more directory entries on such topics as the 1949 Revolution; ancient history; archeology; the Boxer Rebellion; history of Buddhism; the Cultural Revolution; historic buildings; myths and folktales; the Nanjing Massacre; personalities; the Tangshan Earthquake of 1976; the Great Leap Forward; timelines; and wars.
History of China -
Personal web project in which the author "decided to put the information [from the Army Area Handbook] in a more pleasing hypertext format with extra added bells and whistles.... The core of the following history pages is based on the history portion of the Army Area Handbook on China. Specifically, the history section was written by Rinn-Sup Shinn and Robert L. Worden."
Chinese Culture (About.Com) -
Like Yahoo, About.Com has a page of links to various aspects of Chinese history and culture. Subcategory links are provided to: About China; Antique; Architecture; Calligraphy; Chinatown; Customs; Dragon; Embassy/Visa; Entertainment; Feng Shui; Festivals; Folk Arts; Food/Recipe; Games; History; Homework Help; Horoscope; Family Fun; Language; Literature; Martial Arts; Medicine; Myths/Legends; News/Media; Opera; People; Proverbs; Religion/Philos.; Shopping Online; and Travel Guide.
China for Visitors (About.Com) -
This Web guide on About.Com has links to information on travel to China. Subcategories include: A-Z Site Index; Photo Gallery; City Guides; Maps/Geography; Virtual Tours; Weather/Climate; Accommodations; Attractions; Tour Packages; Trip Planning; Air Travel; Basic Facts; Culture/Traditions; Chinese Languages; Hong Kong SAR; People & History; Living in China; Food/Restaurants; Train Travel; Travelogues; Festivals; Business in China; Computers/Internet; Regions: Anhui; Regions: Chonqing.
PRC Government Homepage -
This is the Web site of the People's Republic of China. Links are provided to the following areas: Ministries & Commissions; State Bureaus under Ministries & Commissions; Organs directly under the State Council; Institutions directly under the State Council; Local governments; State Economic; Information Network; and Major Economic Websites.
Inside China Today -
This service of the European Internet Network provides news about China. This is an "evaluation version." In order to avoid service disruptions the user must register.
The Gate of Heavenly Peace -
"The Gate of Heavenly Peace is a documentary about the protests at Tiananmen in 1989, and the resulting Beijing Massacre of June 4. The film explores the history of the demonstrations and comments on the "deep structure" of political habits and attitudes that have informed public life in China over the past century. The filmmakers present a wide range of Chinese perspectives on a defining moment in China's modern history. In addition to information about the film, this website includes articles, essays, and book excerpts, containing analysis and interpretation of the 1989 protests. Original source documents, video and audio clips, posters, photographs, and artwork are also available. For a complete list of the readings on this site, see the site index."
Hong Kong (Google Directory) -
Google's directory of sites about the area of Hong Kong. Includes links to such subcategories as: Arts and Entertainment; Business and Economy; Education; Government; Guides and Directories; Health; Maps and Views; News and Media; Recreation and Sports; Science and Environment; Society and Culture; Transportation; and Travel and Tourism.

Disputed Areas

Republic of China: Government Information Office -
This is the official government site for Taiwan, a former province of the People's Republic of China. Links are provided to the areas of: Visitor Info; Window on Taiwan; Official Announcements; Taiwan Headlines; Audio / Visual; Search / Archives; Periodicals; Government Directory; and Taiwan-related Links.
The Government of Tibet in Exile -
Tibet, a disputed province of China, has its own Web site. Links are provided to: Latest News; The Status of Tibet; Government of Tibet; Tibetan Culture; How You Can Help Tibet; Teaching Dates [of the Dalai Lama]; Tibetan Flag; Tibet at a Glance; Tibet in Exile; Dharamsala Guide; Tibetan Language; Tibetan Art, Tibetan Shops; and Tibetan Food.

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