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Substance Abuse (Yahoo!) - http://dir.yahoo.com/Health/Diseases_and_Conditions/Substance_Abuse/
Yahoo's links to websites about drug abuse. Subcategories include: Alcoholism; Books; Companies; Harm Reduction; Institutes; Organizations; Personal Experience; Prevention; Rehabilitation Services; Testing; Teen Substance Abuse; and Workplace.

General Web Sites

Prevention Online, PREVLINE - http://ncadi.samhsa.gov/
This Web site is maintained by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration of the federal Dept. of Health and Human Services and provides online information on all aspects of alcohol and drug abuse. Links are provided to: What's New; Alcohol and Drug Facts; Multimedia Channel; Newsroom; Databases; Research/ Research Briefs; NCADI Catalog; Calendar; Funding; Related Resources Links & Referrals; Workplace; For Kids Only; and Culture & Prevention.
DrugWatch - http://www.drugwatch.com/
DrugWatch.com is a comprehensive Web site database featuring extensive information about thousands of different medications and drugs currently on the market or previously available worldwide. DrugWatch.com includes up-to-date information about prescription and over-the-counter medications and includes details about associated side effects to aid in the protection of patients and consumers. Sponsored by The Peterson Firm.
NIDA for Teens - http://www.teens.drugabuse.gov/
Designed "to educate adolescents ages 11 through 15 (as well as their parents and teachers) on the science behind drug abuse." Includes facts on how marijuana, nicotine, anabolic steroids, and other drugs affect the brain and body, "real stories" from teens, games and activities, a glossary, and resources for teachers. From the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), a part of the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. See also Infofacts - http://www.nida.nih.gov/Infofacts/Infofaxindex.html
DEA, Drug Information - http://www.usdoj.gov/dea/concern/concern.htm
Created by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, this site provides information about the effects, use, and abuse of individual drugs, including cocaine, heroin, inhalants, marijuana, MDMA (ecstasy), methamphetamine, steroids, and others. It also includes statistics on illicit drug use in the United States.
The Indiana Prevention Resource Center - http://www.drugs.indiana.edu/
A gathering of information about substance abuse, with suggestions about how to counter-act it. Includes reference materials, such as dictionaries and directories.
Web of Addictions - http://www.well.com/user/woa/facts.htm
The Web of Addictions provides information about alcohol and other drug addictions. Scroll down to get to links to fact sheets about specific drugs. "The fact sheets below were developed by many different authors. In some cases, the fact sheets were placed on the web by a different organization than the one that wrote the document. However, all of the fact sheets are in the public domain to encourage wide distribution. You are free to copy and use these fact sheets."
RxList: The Internet Drug Index - http://www.rxlist.com/top200a.htm
Gives the brand name, manufacturer and generic alternative for the 200 top prescribed drugs. Listed in alphabetical order.
Drugs: Publications, Facts and Multimedia by Drug Type - https://ncadistore.samhsa.gov/catalog/drugs.aspx?
Publications from the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services and SAMHSA's National Clearinghouse for Alcohol & Drug Information.
National Families In Action - http://www.emory.edu/NFIA/index.html
This group works to help families and the general public fight the effects of illegal drug use. Includes links to Press Releases; In the News; Drugs and science; Drugs and law; Effects; Use and Abuse; Addiction; Prevention; Treatment; Law Enforcement; Help for Families; Signs and Symptoms; Street Names; Drug Reform; Hemp; Heroin Maintenance; Medical Marijuana; NFIA Projects and Products.
Erowid's Psychoactive Vaults - http://www.damicon.fi/drugs/mdma/
Collection of links to information about many drugs, including: Absinthe; Alcohol; Amanitas; Ayahuasca; Cacti; Caffeine; Cannabis (marijuana); Cocaine; Datura (Jimson weed); DMT; DPT; DXM; GHB; Heroin; Ibogaine; Inhalants; Kava; Ketamine; LSD; MAOIs; MDMA (ecstacy); Mescaline; Meth; Morning glory; Mushrooms; Nitrous oxide; Nutmeg; Opiates; Peyote; Salvia; Tobacco; 2C-B; 2C-T-7; 4-acetoxy-DiPT; 5-MeO-DiPT; 5-MeO-DMT; Entheogens; Medicinal herbs; Nootropics. (Currently unavailable from school)
The Psychedelic Library - http://www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/lsd/lsdmenu.htm
Links to technical papers about psychedelic drugs. Please note: Much background information is presented, but some of the information recommends the use of the drug for certain purposes. RHS does not support or condone such positions. Also at this site are Books on Psychedelics and Drug Issues, links to several books dealing with the issue of psychedelic drugs. (Schaffer Library of Drug Policy at the Drug Reform Coalition Network) (Currently unavailable from school).
DRCNet - http://www.drcnet.org/
The Drug Reform Coordination Network is an advocacy group which supports the reform of drug laws.

Specific Drugs

National Alliance of Methadone Advocates- http://www.methadone.org
"NAMA is an organization composed of methadone maintenance patients and supporters of quality methadone maintenance treatment." Detailed information about the effects of methadone is included.
Final Diagnosis -- Jimson Weed Toxicity (Confusion, Agitation and Unresponsiveness) - http://path.upmc.edu/cases/case47/dx.html
Medical information about the toxic effects of Jimson Weed. (University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine)  

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