Mental Health and Illness
[Dewey numbers: 128.37; 152.4; 362.2; 616.89]
Facts For Families -
The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry developed this site to provide concise and up-to-date information on psychiatric issues that effect children, teenagers, and their families.
Dealing With Feelings -
Everybody has feelings. Whether you feel happy, scared, angry, jealous, sad, silly, or confused, these are all natural emotions. Everybody has a body, too - and it's always growing and changing!
Classic Theories of Child Development -
Psychologists have come up with ideas about how humans develop their personalities, abilities and behaviors as they grow up. Some of the most famous are included here.
Child & Adolescent Mental Health (Google Directory) -
This is the Google Directory page for the mental health of children and adolescents. Includes links to sub-directories of Disorders; Grief, Loss and Bereavement; Organizations; and Treatment.
Internet Mental Health -
Internet Mental Health includes: disorder descriptions, online diagnosis, treatment recommendations, medications, and research findings.
Emotional Processing -
This is the website of a book by Roger Baker. It is produced by the Dorset Research & Development Support Unit, part of the National Health Service of the United Kingdom.

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