Environmental Aspects of Agriculture
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General Sites

Open Dirctory Project: Environment: Agriculture - http://dmoz.org/Science/Environment/Agriculture/
This a directory to Web sites about the environmental aspects of agriculture and farming. Links are provided to such topics as: agricultural biodiversity; animal wastes; biological pest control, livestock methane emissions, permaculture, soil erosion, and sustainable agriculture.
(Agro)Ecosystem Health: a Global Network - http://www.ovc.uoguelph.ca/popmed/ecosys/research.htm
This page has links to project in several countries devoted to researching how agriculture can be made to work within environmentally sound guidelines. Part of Network for Ecosystem Sustainability and Health (NESH). (University of Guelph)
International Ag-Sieve - http://fadr.msu.ru/rodale/agsieve/
This abstracting journal provides lengthy abstracts on articles covering numerous aspects of sustainable agriculture. The focus is international and the coverage is from 1988-1994. As they state "The International Ag-Sieve is dedicated to the development of productive, profitable and ecologically sound agricultural systems by providing farmers and development workers with quality information about regenerative agriculture."
Center for Agriculture in the Environment - http://www.aftresearch.org/
This is the home page of CAE, created by the American Farmland Trust and Northern Illinois University to help protect America's agricultural lands and to encourage healthy farming practices. CAE works closely with the academic, environmental and agricultural communities to raise awareness of issues by providing research and strong academic arguments for wise public policy. In addition to its research, CAE's oversees and provides support for its affiliated centers, publishes a working paper series, and organizes workshops and symposia.
California Rangeland Trust - http://www.rangelandtrust.org/
California's rangelands provide habitat for an amazing variety of plants and animals, as well as the economic foundation for many rural communities. California ranches include the state's best oak woodlands, conifer forests, rural streams, grasslands and wildflower ranges.
AGCare: Agricultural Groups Concerned About Resources and the Environment - http://www.agcare.org/
Represents Ontario's 45,000 growers of field and horticultural crops on agricultural pesticide use, crops biotechnology developments, and other related environmental issues.
Environmentally Sound Production Agriculture Laboratory (NESPAL) - http://nespal.cpes.peachnet.edu/
It is a research organization dedicated to the development of environmentally and economically sound agricultural production systems.
City Farmer's Urban Agriculture Notes - http://www.cityfarmer.org/
It's a non-profit society, it promotes urban food production and environmental conservation. Urban Agriculture is a new and growing field. It concerns itself with all manner of subjects from rooftop gardens, to composting toilets, to air pollution and community development.
Potential Impacts of Sea-Level Rise on Populations and Agriculture - http://www.fao.org/waicent/faoinfo/sustdev/EIdirect/EIre0045.htm
This article from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations related to the potential impacts of sea level rise on the world's coastal populations and agriculture. This is a "global" study mostly based on national data.
Die Off - http://dieoff.org/
Megasite with lots of information about the unsustainablity of the current way in which humans use natural resources. Includes discussion of various agricultural issues.

Animal Waste Management

Iowa Manure Management Action Group - IMMAG - http://extension.agron.iastate.edu/immag/
Manure management in Iowa, IMMAG provides a vehicle for a coordinated and comprehensive approach to improve manure management. Includes detailed information on local and federal regulations, and related publications.
Animal Waste Management - http://www.wcc.nrcs.usda.gov/awm/
Handbooks and related materials for reducing environmental impacts from animal wastes; from USDA.
Families Against Rural Messes (FARM) - http://www.farmweb.org
Anti-livestock industry group's website includes information and links about animal waste management, odors, and regulations and proposed rules intended to protect water quality, air quality, and property values.
Manure Education and Research, University of Minnesota Extension - http://www.manure.umn.edu/
Publications and informational links on managing manure generated from livestock production -- and minimizing environmental problems from manure management.
Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations: Proposed Regulations - http://www.epa.gov/ost/guide/cafo/index.html
Text and background of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency proposed regulations covering wastewater discharges from animal production areas and land application areas.
Ruminant Livestock Efficiency Program - http://www.epa.gov/rlep/
Ruminant livestock such as cattle and sheep are the largest source of methane emissions resulting from human activity. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas. RLEP is a joint Environmetal Protection Agency-Dept. of Agriculture program helping livestock producers improve their operations' efficiency, preserve natural resources, and reduce methane emissions.
Study: Fish Oil Stifles Greenhouse Gas - http://www.cnn.com/2003/TECH/science/03/12/environment.burping.reut/index.html
CNN reports that Belgian scientists found that adding fish oil to animal fodder could cut livestock release of methane.
Methane Emissions from Livestock - http://www.ciesin.org/TG/AG/liverear.html
A few facts about animal emissions with links other sites and reports. (Center for International Earth Science Network, Columbia U.)

Biological Pest Control

Biological Control - http://www.nysaes.cornell.edu/ent/biocontrol/
Subtitled "A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America," this website "provides photographs and descriptions of biological control (or biocontrol) agents of insect, disease and weed pests in North America. It is also a tutorial on the concept and practice of biological control and integrated pest management (IPM)."
Association of Natural Biocontrol Producers (ANBP) - http://www.anbp.org/
This is the website of a professional association representing the biological pest control industry. The page has links to other biocontrol sites, information about biocontrol, a directory of biocontrol researchers, a list of research needs, an article entitled "Biotechnology, good or bad," and the ANBP Code of Ethics.
Midwest Biological Control News - http://www.entomology.wisc.edu/mbcn/mbcn.html
"Midwest Biological Control News is a monthly newsletter dedicated to providing information on the use of beneficial organisms for controlling insect and mite pests of the farm, garden, and home. The newsletter is compiled and published at the University of Wisconsin."
Beneficial Insects Introduction Research Unit - http://ag.udel.edu/biir/
Branch of the USDA that tests and imports exotic natural enemies of insect pests, using classical biological approaches.
Plant and Insect Parasitic Nematodes - http://nematode.unl.edu/index.htm
Everything you always wanted to know about nematodes. Look under agricultural issues for biological control of insects, quarantinable nematodes and agricultural pests. (Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln)
Biological Control of Grasshoppers and Locusts - http://www.lubilosa.org/index.htm
Information on the development of a fungal insecticide for grasshopper and locust control in Africa.
Biological Control - http://www.academicpress.com/biocon
This jouranl publishes refereed articles on biological control of viral, microbial, nematode, insect, mite, weed, and vertebrate pests in agriculture, aquatic, forest, natural resource, stored product, and urban environments. You can read the full text of the most recent issue.
History of Biological Pest Control - http://www.faculty.ucr.edu/~legneref/biotact/bc-2.htm
This page is an article about the history of biological pest control from the 18th century to the present. It includes specifics on the biological control of pests of medical and veterinary importance. Most of the links to other pages do no work properly [Dec. 2, 2003] (E.F. Legner, Univ. of California, Riverside)


Permanent Publications - http://www.permaculture.co.uk/
Subscription information for Permaculture Magazine and a catalogue of available books, videos, and other resources focused on permaculture in the UK.
EcoLandTech - http://www.ibiblio.org/ecolandtech/permaculture-page.html
Extensive web directory of permaculture and related topics.
Pierre's Permaculture Page - http://www.thefarm.org/permaculture/
Permaculture resource page, with information on permaculture (including its ethics & principles), where to take permaculture courses, and other links.
The Permaculture Activist - http://www.permacultureactivist.net/
North American permaculture periodical, providing a current listing of upcoming permaculture design courses, and offering articles on permaculture design, edible landscaping, bioregionalism, aquaculture, natural building, renewable energy.
International Institute for Ecological Agriculture - http://www.permaculture.com/
Information, reading list, and links on permaculture and community-supported agriculture. The IIEA is located in Aptos, Calif.
Permaculture Association, Britain - http://www.permaculture.org.uk/
This home page of the British Permaculture Association offers information about the Association, a directory of courses, links and general permaculture information.
Permaculture The Earth - http://www.permaearth.org/
Permaculture The Earth includes information about sustainable design and interactive forums for the discussion of topics related to permaculture. "These web pages will provide the functional connections that link people to people and people to information. Our "forums" are interactive and help serve the growing interest in Permaculture Design and all its applications."
La'akea Permaculture Gardens - http://www.permaculture-hawaii.com/
La'akea Permaculture Gardens on the Island of Hawaii offers month-long courses in Permaculture Design and Deep Ecology.
SEED International - http://www.permaculture.au.com
The Sustainability Education and Ecological Design (SEED) website has links to environmental planning and design for permaculture and ecologically sound village designs. Australia.
Bullock's Permaculture Portal - http://www.permacultureportal.com
Provides users with a helpful gateway to permaculture courses, events, services, and resources. The Portal is also the online home for the Bullocks' permaculture site in Orcas Island, Washington.
Pangaia - http://www.pangaia.cc
A permaculture, raw food, intentional community in Hawaii, practicing instinctive eating, sustainable tropical biointensive organic gardening.
Naturewise Permaculture and Forest Gardens - http://members.lycos.co.uk/naturewise/
About programs in London, UK, promoting permaculture and forest gardens, including courses on permaculture.
Songaia Cohousing Cooperative - http://songaia.com/doors/permagro.htm
A non-profit cohousing cooperative sharing 10.7 acres of land, and its relationship to permaculture. Seattle area.
Permaculture: Method of Agriculture, Way of Life - http://www.brown.edu/Students/Catalyst/pre2001/archive/spring99/pm.html
Article describes the permaculture philosophy, outlines its history, and discusses prospects for its future. From Catalyst, a student magazine at Brown University.
Rodale Institute, Emmaus, Pennsylvania - http://www.enviroweb.org/publications/rodale/
Information and training on sustainable agriculture, for permaculture practitioners.
Introduction to Permaculture: Concepts and Resources - http://www.attra.org/attra-pub/perma.html
Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA) guide to Permaculture.
Earthwise Resources Development Australasia - http://www.earthwise.org.au/
A demonstration site for permaculture. Details of the site, courses in permaculture, location.

Soil Conservation

Soil and Water Conservation Society - http://www.swcs.org/
The Soil and Water Conservation Society is an international organization that fosters the science and the art of soil and water conservation to achieve sustained use of land resources.
Soil Management Publications - http://www.ianr.unl.edu/pubs/soil/
Links to online brochures about the fertility, compaction, testing and conservation of soil. (Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Univ. of Nebraska.
The National Soil Tilth Laboratory - http://www.ars.usda.gov/main/site_main.htm?modecode=36-25-15-00
USDA organization with mission to develop, evaluate, and promote management practices that enhance surface and ground water quality.
International Erosion Control Association - http://ieca.org/
Provides education, resource information and business opportunities for professionals in the erosion and sediment control industry.
Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development - http://iisd1.iisd.ca/ic/info/ss9507.htm
Sustaining and protecting the soil and natural resources for production.
Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation Project - http://www.ott.wrcc.osmre.gov/library/hbmanual/rusle.htm
Computer program that estimates rates of soil erosion caused by rainfall and associated overland flow. Free download available together with documentation and manuals.
Geoindicators: Soil and Sediment Erosion - http://www.gcrio.org/geo/soil.html
Basic information about erosion patterns, causes, and solutions.
Soil Erosion in Agricultural Systems - http://www.msu.edu/user/dunnjef1/rd491/soile.htm
Cause and effects of soil erosion in agricultural systems.
Erosion Technology Consulting - http://www.constr.com/tx/et.htm
Soil erosion control information, consulting, photographs, and dictionary of terms.
Soil Erosion - http://www.botany.uwc.ac.za/Envfacts/facts/erosion.htm
Information of soil erosion from the University of Western Cape, South Africa.
Eurosem- http://www.silsoe.cranfield.ac.uk/iwe/erosion/eurosem.htm
Resources related to the European soil erosion model, which simulates erosion on an event basis for fields and small catchments.
Soil Erosion Net - http://soilerosion.net
Collection of information on soil erosion from a wide range of scientific disciplines.
Redwood-Cottonwood Rivers Control Area - http://www.rcrca.com
Non-regulatory organization that works to enhance and protect the Redwood and Cottonwood Rivers. Site includes journals, technical information, news, events, images, and details of how to get involved.
Demonstration Erosion Control Home - http://www.colostate.edu/Orgs/CRSS/
The Demonstration Erosion Control (DEC) project investigates the effectiveness of reducing erosion, sedimentation, and flooding.
National Soil Erosion Research Laboratory - http://www.ars.usda.gov/main/site_main.htm?modecode=36021500
This U.S. Department of Agriculture area is the focal point for the national research program in soil erosion by water.
Corn, Soil Tillage and Soil Erosion - http://www.ontariocorn.org/envt/enverosion.htm
Specific information regarding soil management and the benefit of corn when combatting erosion.
Environmental and Economic Costs of Soil Erosion and Conservation Benefits - http://www.pmac.net/science2.htm
Excerpts from article in Science magazine, by Pimentel et al . (1995).
Ground Cover Plants - http://www.scs.leeds.ac.uk/pfaf/grdcover.html
Article on ground cover usage, advantages, and disadvantages. Includes a checklist of over 250 types of plants.
Serious Erosion Areas - http://www.ciesin.org/docs/002-220/002-220.html
A look at some of the serious erosion areas in the United States.
Best Management Practices for Soil Erosion - http://agen521.www.ecn.purdue.edu/AGEN521/epadir/erosion/asm521.html
An online book with introductory information regarding different kinds of soil erosion such as geological erosion and accelerated erosion.
Sustainable Agriculture Tour: Erosion Control Structures - http://www.peisland.com/agrtour/erosion.html
Diversion terraces, grassed waterways, surface inlets, and hedgerows are the most common structures used for soil conservation.
Organic Agriculture - http://supak.com/end/organic_agriculture.htm
Chemical agricultural practices are contributing to global warming, climate change, weather pattern disruption, erosion, and starvation.
Best Management Practices for Soil Erosion - http://www.epa.gov/seahome/erosion.html
A computer program which provides information about soil erosion and the severity of erosion. Water erosion is explained and detailed descriptions of management and structural practices to control erosion.
Soil Erosion on Farmland - http://www.maf.govt.nz/mafnet/rural-nz/sustainable-resource-use/land-management/erosion-risks/
Online publication from New Zealand government sustainable agriculture program. Intended as a source of information for use by farmers, local government, farmer organisations, farm advisers and others who have an influence on rural land use.

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture Network - http://www.sare.org/
Information on sustainable agriculture for producers. Grants available for sustainable agriculture projects. A project of the US Dept. of Agriculture.
University of California Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program- http://www.sarep.ucdavis.edu/
Searchable site with topics including "What is sustainable agriculture?", biologically integrated farming systems, cover crops, earthworms, soil quality, and sustainable agriculture courses, workshops, and events. At this site: What is Sustainable Agriculture?: a detailed account of how sustainable agriculture integrates environmental health, economic profitability, and social and economic equity. (UC Davis)
Donald Danforth Plant Science Center - http://www.danforthcenter.org
Mission is to increase understanding of plant biology; apply new knowledge to help sustain productivity in agriculture, forestry and allied fields; facilitate the rapid development and commercialization of promising technologies and products; contribute to the education and training of students, scientists and technicians from around the world.
Conservation Technology Information Center - http://www.ctic.purdue.edu/CTIC/CTIC.html
Nonprofit information and data-transfer center promoting economically and environmentally beneficial agriculture and natural resource management. (Purdue Univ.)
Iowa State University Sustainable Agriculture Extension Program - http://extension.agron.iastate.edu/sustag/
Provides information on events, research, education, links, funding sources, relevant to Iowa.
The Rodale Institute - http://www.rodaleinstitute.org/
This organization is one of premier promoters of organic farming methods. The website provides details of research and promotion of sustainable farming practices.
Sustainable Agriculture Resources - http://www.nal.usda.gov/afsic/agnic/agnic.htm
Directory of sites and documents about sustainable agriculture. (USDA, Alternative Farming Systems Information Center)
Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems - http://www.cias.wisc.edu/
A sustainable agriculture research center at the University of Wisconsin. Details of research and local projects.
Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture - http://www.syngentafoundation.com/index.htm
Promotes improved and sustainable farming in semi-arid lands through better cultivation methods and crop diversification.
Sustainable Animal Production - http://www.agriculture.de
The subtitel of this website is: Workshops, Discussion, Online Resources. Download the proceedings of a series of conferences (held October 1999 through October 2000 in northern Germany) on future supply and quality of food for humans and animals, animal welfare and health, the effects of animal production on the environment, the influences of new technologies, future animal production sites and global trade.
Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture - http://www.misa.umn.edu/
Partnership between the College of Agricultural, Food, and Environmental Sciences at the University of Minnesota and the Sustainers' Coalition. Cooperative effort to develop and promote sustainable agriculture.
Long-Term Research on Agricultural Systems - http://LTRAS.ucdavis.edu/
Based at UC Davis, LTRAS is a long-term comparison of 10 conventional, organic and alternative cropping systems, both irrigated and nonirrigated.
GRACE Factory Farm Project - http://www.factoryfarm.org
Information, ideas, and strategies for activists opposed to factory farming. Topics cover the environmental, health, economic, social and animal welfare costs of large-scale animal production, as well as trends toward sustainable alternatives to factory farms.
Agroecology in Action - http://www.cnr.berkeley.edu/~agroeco3/
An explanation of the principles of sustainable farming, the ways in which resource use can be minimised, and local biodiversity preserved. (UC Berkeley, College of Natural Resources)
The Land Institute - http://www.landinstitute.org/
Aims to develop an agricultural system with the ecological stability of natural grasslands, as well as a high grain yield.
Sustainable Agriculture Educational Project - http://www.msu.edu/user/dunnjef1/rd491/project.htm
A personal website which describes how to maintain soil fertility and how to reduce pH, soil erosion, pesticide use and salt levels. Links to other sustainable agriculture pages.
Sustainable Agriculture Project in Tanzania - http://www.globalservicecorps.org/tanzania/agriculture.html
Project by Global Service Corps (GSC), to develop sustainable farming in the Eastern Province of this East African country.
California Sustainable Agriculture Working Group - http://www.calsawg.org
A coalition dedicated to promoting an ecologically sustainable and socially just food system. Describes group news, events and projects, and related headlines.
Agribusiness and Susttainable Agriculture - http://www.brs.gov.au
Provides scientific advice for the sustainable development of Australia's agricultural, fisheries and forestry industries.
Seed Balls - http://www.seedballs.com/
Information on the making and use of seed balls in natural farming, plus other essays on biodiversity, sustainable agriculture, and other environmental issues.
Small Farmer's Journal - Practical Horse Farming - http://www.smallfarmersjournal.com
A journal in support of independent family farmers. Offering information on the use of animal-power, organics and sustainable agriculture. Lynn Miller is editor and publisher.
Grazing Management: An Ecological Perspective - http://cnrit.tamu.edu/rlem/textbook/textbook-fr.html
An online ebook edited by Rodney Heitschmidt and Jerry Stuth.
SEA News - http://crcnet.vivid.global.net.au/newsletter/SEA/
Australian newsletter for social and bioeconomic research on sustainability and economics in agriculture. Contents of past issues, and online articles.
Tilth Producers - http://www.tilthproducers.org/
A chapter of Washington Tilth Association, fosters and promotes ecologically sound sustainable agriculture in the interest of environmental preservation, human health and social equity.
Asian Rural Life Development Foundation - http://www2.mozcom.com/~arldf/
A training center for sustainable agriculture in the uplands, located in the southern part of the Philippines.
Allerton Research & Educational Trust - http://www.allertontrust.org.uk/
Offers a practical demonstration of the integration of game and wildlife conservation with profitable farming.
Policy Research Centre for Sustainable Agriculture - http://www.kuleuven.ac.be/stedula/Policy%20Research.html
A policy supporting research partnership between Ghent and Leuven universities in Belgium concerning sustainable agriculture.
Sustainable Nutrient Management in Agriculture - http://www.snma.nl/
Advisory software for consultants and extension workers to provide farmers with sustainable nutrition advice for their crops and cropping systems (organic and ecological farming).
The Introduction of New Crops to Arid and Saline Zones - http://desertagriculture.org/
Describes potential new crops, and lost crops, for arid and saline areas, exchanged and field tested by two agricultural environmental schools in Israel and Morocco.
The National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture - http://sustainableagriculture.net
Dedicated to educating the US public on the importance of a sustainable food and agriculture system that is economically viable, environmentally sound, socially just, and humane.
National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service - http://www.attra.ncat.org/index.html
A sustainable agriculture information center that provides technical assistance to farmers, market gardeners and extension agents on farming topics: sustainable, organic, alternative, crops, livestock, and pest control.
Mindanao Baptist Rural Life Center - http://www2.mozcom.com/~mbrlc
Information about the center, its activities, and sustainable farming systems.
Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture - http://www.leopold.iastate.edu/
The center's objectives are to reduce negative impacts of agriculture on natural resources and rural communities, to develop profitable farming systems that conserve natural resources, and to inform the public of new research findings.

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