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General Resources

The Greatest Films -
Excellent source of information about most of the very best films of all times. The reviews and background information provided are top notch, and go deeply into the film's background, characters, plot and related films. Very interesting website that is entertaining and informative. Includes sections on film quotes, famous scenes, film posters, and much more!
Movies.Net -
This site offers links to the areas of stars and celebrities, studios, what's currently playing, reviews, movie memorabilia, film festivals, publications, guilds and associations, production resources, show biz news, and databases & archives.
Film Studies Resources on the Internet -
Although this site has not been updated recently it does provide links to many still useful Web sites. Categories linked to include: Film Databases; Academic Aspects of Film Studies; Journals and Electronic Magazines; Feminism and Women in Film; Film Directors; History of Film; International Film; Listserv and Newsgroup Archives; Other Film Studies Guides on the Internet.
Movie Posters Archive -
Hundreds of movie posters are available here. Categories include: animation, classic, horror, Italian, modern, science fiction.
British Pathe Film Archive -
The special feature of this site is the ability to browse previews of the films in the entire 3500-hour British Pathe Film Archive, "which covers news, sport, social history, and entertainment from 1896 to 1970." Preview Film shows stills from the actual film clips, which are often several minutes long and which you get by using the Download Now button and filling out a brief registration form. Searchable. (LII)

Film Magazines & Journals

American Cinematographer Online -
American Cinematographer is the journal of the American Society of Cinematographers. The Web journal does include articles (mostly sponsored by the films), an index and an archive of past articles. Articles are about filmmaking rather than being about reviews or acting.
Cineaste -
Critical articles about films and film makers, including documentaries and foreign films, previews of upcoming issues. Usually only features one or two complete articles at any one time.
Film Comment-
This is the journal of the Film Society of Lincoln Center (New York). Not very many articles are available online but the site does have a table of contents, index and access to a discussion forum.
Films of the Golden Age -
This magazine emphasizes movies from the thirties, forties and fifties, the "Golden Age" of Hollywood. Current articles, which cover the movies and their makers, as well as the stars of the era are accessible from this page. It is part of Classic Images, a Web site about classic films. The Bessie Chin Library subscribes to this periodical.
Current (mostly U.S.) movie reviews and news.

Film Data and Movie Reviews

The Internet Movie Database -
This is a great place to visit if you want to find information about movie credits (i.e., director, actors and their roles, technical personnel, awards,) including links to additional information. The data is provided, in a large part, by contributors from all over the world.
Movie Review Query Engine -
Search for movie reviews using this page to do it. Includes links (if information is available) to The Internet Movie Database, which gives additional background on the film being reviewed.
ReelViews -
Lots of movie reviews plus theater reviews, Academy Award information, articles about film, and ratings of the top films of the year, by Internet movie critic James Berardinelli.
Roger Ebert Online -
Movie reviews and related information from the noted critic of the Chicago Sun-Times.
Movies in Theaters -
Reviews of films currently showing in treaters. Includes video clips from some of the films, and also has previews of upcoming movies. From TV Guide Entertainment Network.
Cinephiles -
This site offers objective short reviews of new releases, including foreign films, as well as in-depth analysis of selected films and essays on their place in the world of cinema.

Film Festivals, Art Film, and Movie Making

Festival de Cannes -
A famous festival for the world cinema where all styles, schools of thought and genres, without any limitation but with the permanent concern to help the blooming of the cinematographic language and art form.
Screenwriters and Playwrights Home Page -
A site for screen writers and playwrights. Includes links to scripts, marketing and networking tips, plus lots of resources related to writing.
Pacific Film Archive -
The University Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (UAM/PFA) is the principal visual arts center of the University of California at Berkeley. The Pacific Film Archive (PFA) is an internationally recognized center for the exhibition and study of cinema. This online film museum contains a large amount of information for the serious student of film study, and lost of neat stuff for the serious film buff as well.
Cyber Film School -
Lots of well organized articles, interviews, and other helpful information displayed in an online magazine format.

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