Genetics and Molecular Biology Resources
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General Genetics Resources

Yahoo! Genetics -
Yahoo's links to the science of genetics. Includes links to the categories of: Books; Cloning; Companies; Courses; DNA Structure; Genetic Engineering; Genome Projects; Human Genetics; Institutes; Journals; Lab Groups; Model Systems; Molecular Biology; Molecular Ecology; Organizations; Software; and Web Directories.
Genetics ( -'s links to genetics Web sites. Includes links to the subtopics of: Basic Genetics; Biotechnology; Cloning; Disease & Illness; Education; Food & Agriculture; Human Genome; Informatics; Jobs; Journals; Mapping; News; Organizations; Research Tools; and Testing. Also includes links to related sites: Animals/Wildlife; Anthropology; Biology; Biotech/Biomedical; Chemical Engineering; Chemistry; Genealogy; Neurosciences; Pharmacology; and U.S. Gov Info/Resources.
Access Excellence-
Subtitled A place in Cyberspace for Biology Teaching and Learning, this searchable site provides biology teachers access to "colleagues, scientists, and critical sources of new scientific information" and methods to change science education. Teaching tips, classroom activities, graphics, discussion groups, career information, and a list of annotated links are among the resources offered. Some parts require Adobe Acrobat Reader. Sponsored by Genentech, Inc. (LII)
Gene Almanac-
This site provides DNA from the Beginning, "a multimedia primer on the basics of DNA and heredity." The Resources section offers Bioservers, which allow for the use of bioinformatics or the use of computers to solve biological problems; Bioforms, interactive exercises; the Biology Animation Library covering DNA concepts; and Nucleotide Sequences, complete nucleotide sequences for a set of plasmids. GeneNews has links to recent news about genetics, genomes, and genetic research. Requires RealPlayer and Shockwave. Related links are available.
Living In A Genetically Modified World -
Subtitled Unpalatable truths, this site examines the implications, questions, ethics, and unknowns of genetic modification which includes gene therapy, fetal cell research, transgenic plants, and genetic engineering. Some articles cover specific projects, such as the quest to produce a blue rose, while others elaborate general concerns relating to genetic manipulation. (New Scientist) (LII)
Natural History of Genes -
Subtitled A science education tool for teachers, students and families, this site covers the background and role of genetics in disease, DNA and proteins, as a tool in forensics, and in conservation. Also has science activites and projects. (University of Utah)
Understanding Gene Testing -
Understanding Gene Testing represents an effort by the National Cancer Institute and the National Center for Human Genome Research to provide basic information about gene testing and key genetic concepts. This [online] booklet also provides answers to a number of frequently asked questions about the science, potential benefits, and potential risks of gene testing.

General Molecular Biology Resources

Yahoo! Molecular Biology -
Yahoo's links to the science of molecular biology. Includes links to the categories of: Bioinformatic Servers; Biotechnology; Chromatin Structure; Companies; Computational Biology; DNA Structure; DNA-Based Computing; Genetics; Institutes; Journals; Lab Groups; Model Systems; Molecular Ecology; Molecular Imaging; Organizations; Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR); Protein Research; Virology; and Web Directories.
Pedro's BioMolecular Research Tools  -
This Web site provides a list of tools and sites for research in molecular biology. This site has not been updated since 1996 but still provides plenty of links to other sites on the subject.
Cell and Molecular Biology Online -
The "goal [of this site] is to develop and maintain an online informational resource for cell and molecular biologists that provides links to resources for research, education and community." (Pamela Gannon, Ph.D.)

Human Genetics

Yahoo! Human Genetics -
Yahoo's links to human genetics sites, a subdivision of genetics. Includes links to the categories of: Gene Therapy; Genetic Disorders; Genetic Linkage; Genetic Testing Services; Genome Projects; Human Cloning; Institutes; Journals; Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis; and Web Directories.
A Gene Map of the Human Genome -
Human genes mapped here. Images have been chosen to illustrate the myriad aspects of human biology, pathology, and elationships with other organisms that can be revealed by analysis of genes and their protein products.
Entrez (National Center for Biotechnology Information) -
This site allows you to search a "genetics" subset of MEDLINE as well as the NCBI protein, nucleotide, and genome and the MMDB 3-D protein structures databases. A full range of genetic codes are presented, and you can also browse or search the NCBI/GenBank taxonomy database. (LII)
Genomics Lexicon -
This site is a dictionary of hyperlinked definitions of terms used in genetic medicine.
Blueprint of the Body -
This site examines the historic event of a completed draft of a "master blueprint of a human being," - a massive database known as the genome, mapping "All the DNA in an organism, including its genes." It presents links to essays on medical, business, ethical, and legal implications; a glossary; interviews; story and video archives (requires QuickTime, Windows Media, or RealPlayer); and an interactive guide to the genome. Part of the CNN In-depth Specials series. LII
Human Genome Project-
This searchable site provides information and history for this project which will "identify all the 100,000 genes in human DNA." Funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health, the project and this Web site also address related issues including: Cloning; Genetic Testing; Medical Applications; and Ethical, Legal & Social Issues. LII
A Brief History of the Human Genome Project -
A summary of "human genetics and its history with simple descriptions of modes of inheritance using the commonly-used terms from the genetic literature. It also describes current efforts to create genetic maps and to sequence the 3 billion bases in the human genome." This essay by George Cahill is Chapter 1 of Morality and the New Genetics: A Guide for Students and Health Care Providers (Gert, Bernard et al., 1996). LII
The Human Genome (Science Magazine) -
A special online, full-text issue (February 16, 2001) of Science magazine devoted to the Human Genome Project. Included is a collection of previously published articles detailing the history of the project along with a timeline.
Genome Gateway-
A collection of papers, news, and related links about the Human Genome Project including the full text of James Watson and Francis Crick's original 1953 paper about the structure of DNA. (Nature magazine)

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