Great Britain and Ireland
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United Kingdom (Yahoo!) -
Yahoo's links to Web sites about the United Kingdom (Engalnd, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland). Categories include: Cities and Towns; Dependent Areas; England; Northern Ireland; Scotland; Wales; Arts and Humanities; Business and Economy; Computers and Internet; Country Guides; Education; Entertainment; Government; Health; News and Media; Recreation and Sports; Reference; Science; Social Science; Society and Culture; and Travel. Click here for Yahoo! UK & Ireland.
English Reformation (Tudor Period)
Yahoo! Henry VIII (1491-1547) -
Yahoo's links to Web sites about the pivotal monarch of the English Reformation.
Henry VIII's Revolt and the Suppression of the Bishops -
This is personal page with quotes from various sources about Henry's takeover of dioceses whose bishops were no longer loyal to him. From the perspective of someone who believes Henry was not justified in his action against the Catholic Church. See also at this site Henry VIII's Wholesale Plunder of Catholic Church Properties, and The Popular Uprising Against Henry VIII.
Protestant Inquisition: The English Reformation -
Told from the Catholic point of view, this site has an article on what it must have been like to be a Catholic at the time of the Reformation in England. (Dennis Martin)
Mary Tudor and the Protestants -
An article about the queen known to history as "Bloody Mary," who was the daughter of Henry VIII and who restored Catholicism to England after Henry's death. The article attempts to rehabilitate Mary from her popular reputation as a repressive monarch. (D.G.M. Jackson)
The Henry VIII Page -
This personal Web site has basic information about the king as well as a good list of links to other sites. (Tove Foss)
Henry VIII: Britannica Online -
Information, from the Encyclopaedia Britannica on Henry VIII.


Yahoo! Northern Ireland -
Yahoo's links to Northern Ireland Web sites. Includes the categories of: Cities and Towns; Counties and Regions; Art and Humanities; Business and Economy; Computers and Internet; Country Guides; Education; Entertainment; Government; Health; Maps; News and Media; Recreation and Sports; Science; Social Science; Society and Culture; and Travel. See also Yahoo Regional: U.K. & Ireland -
Sinn Fein -
"Sinn Féin is the oldest political party in Ireland - welcome to our official web site. We take our name from the Irish Gaelic expression for ``We Ourselves''. Since being founded in 1905 we have worked for the right of Irish people as a whole to attain national self-determination, and have elected representatives in every major Irish town and city."
Irish Republican Network -
This personal site provides links to several news organizations which are following the Northern Ireland peace process.
Ulster Historical Publications -
This organization provides information from the Protestant point of view about Ulster, which is the northern part of Ireland. A good set of documents about the history of Northern Ireland is provided at the site.
OrangeNet -
This organization is "the hub of Orangeism on the net". The site contains Information on Orange Order, Genealogy, Parades and lots more." Protestants in Northern Ireland refer to themselves as Orangemen (after William of Orange, the king of Great Britain when Ireland was conquered by the British in the 17th century). The site provides links to: Orangeism, St. Patrick, Battles; Protestant Religion; Beliefs, Churches; Women's Orangeism; Parades, Activities; Genealogy; OrangeNet Genealogy; News; Other Sites; and OrangeNet Gallery.
The Ulster Society -
This Web site is the official site of an organization whose purpose is "[t]o preserve the heritage and culture of Ulster and the Ulster-British people. It has been demonstrated that the passive approach to culture and history has not been beneficial to our country's interest. As a result, many feel that a concentrated effort to deny the validity of Ulster-British heritage, is on-going. Therefore, it is the Ulster Society's aim to set the record straight by promoting the long and proud tradition of the Ulster-British people."


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