Ancient Greek History and Culture
[Dewey numbers: Philosophy: 182-8; Religion/Mythology: 292; Literature: 880s; History/Geography: 913.8; 938]
The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy -
An online set of resources related to the entire subject of philosophy, including biographies of the famous philosophers. Search for concepts such as Greece, Oedipus, or the names of other important characters, philosophers and ideas. Delivers helpful articles and essays.
The Ancient Greek World -
An excellent, master website that links to a wide range of information about the people of Ancient Greece. Includes sections on Land and Time, Daily Life, Economy, Religion and Death. Note that you must select a particular period within the history (i.e., Classical for Oedipus).
Odyssey Online's Greece -
An interactive Flash website which explores the world of ancient Greece. Links are provided to topics such as Death & Burial; Architecture; Victory & Conquest; Geography; Gods, Goddesses & Heroes; Living in Style; etc. (Emory University)
Greek Costume Through The Ages -
Shows the costumes that the Greek people have used through the ages. Click on the Antiquity tab for ancient Greece.
Resources For Greek Civilization -
"This is a directory of links to materials on ancient Greek texts which are read in Intellectual Heritage 51/91. These links include study guides, primary texts and images. The Department of Greek, Hebrew and Roman Classics provides this as a resource for students and faculty involved in this course."
Time Line of Greek History and Literature -
Organizes the Greek myths according to historic period and major events. Links to the Perseus project for background on major people of the time periods. A nice way to see how one relates to the other through time.
The Olympian Gods -
Listing of the gods and goddesses of ancient Greece, with links to images and text references to them at the Perseus Project.
Classical Images Slide Show -
Two slide shows related to costumes of ancient Greece are available here for your viewing.
The Parthenon -
Superb, thorough website for the famous Ancient Greek temple, The Parthenon. "When work began on the Parthenon in 447 BC, the Athenian Empire was at the height of its symbolizes the power and influence of the Athenian politician, Perikles, who championed its construction."
Foundation of the Hellenic World -
The Foundation of the Hellenic World (FHW) is a Greek organization which presents "Hellenic history on the Internet." This site includes a collection of projects presenting events that shaped Greek society, politics, economy, and culture from prehistory to modern times; "every aspect of city life"; the history and revival of the Olympic Games; and the evolution of democracy in city-states. Also presents an overview of the history of Greece from earliest times to the modern day. Time periods include the Stone Age, Bronze Age, Archaic period, Classical period, Roman period, Byzantine period, Ottoman period, rise of the Hellenic state, and contemporary (1945-2000) Greece. Includes image galleries, bibliographies, and related material. In English and Greek. Searchable.
The Classics Pages -
This site is a labor of love by one author who presents links to "well over 1000 pages of news, information, games and controversy about the life, literature, art and archaeology of the ancient world of Greece & Rome, and the latest on my Greek Harry Potter."
Greek Mythology -
A general site whose name explains what it's about. Has links to the major Greek mythological characters as well as to links to online books including Bulfinch's Mythology and Homer's Odyssey.
Perseus Digital Library -
Project Perseus links to biographies and related materials of the great Greek poets, politicians, and warriors. Find materials here on: Aeschylus, Euripides, Sophocles, and other famous ancients.
The Age of Fables or Stories of Gods and Heroes -
This is the complete text from Thomas Bulfinch's Mythology.
Great Books Index: Sophocles (495--406 BC) -
Sophocles was author of the Oedipus plays and many other dramas. This page links to his online texts, and articles about him and his plays (at the bottom of the page, scroll down.) Includes a biography, and study guide for some of the plays. Sophocles -
Background information if given here on Sophocles, the Greek dramatist who wrote the Oedipus plays. Includes references and links to other Greeks and their works, plus a view of two tragic heroes, Oedipus and Ajax.
Oedipus The King Study Guide -
This guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the translation by Robert Fagles (Penguin Press). One source to help understand this complex play.

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