Library Handouts

Possible Tasks for Library Orientation -
The list of tasks which students are asked to be able to complete during their 9th grade library orientation. Questions marked with an "s" are for the Social Issues classes, those marked with "g" are for Geography and Cultures classes.
Mediterranean Basin Map -
This is a map of the Mediterranean Sea Region useful for labelling for the novel, The Alchemist, by Paolo Coelo.
State Recommended Literature Books (Grades 9-12) in the Bessie Chin Library -
This list of titles is compiled from the recommended literature lists of the California Dept. of Education. It is current as of December 15, 2003. To search for these books in the library catalog enter "recommended literature" into the search box and hit the "Subject" button. You can also see a list if you hit the "Category" button and choose "CA recommend. lit. E/LA."
Social Issues Books -
This is a list of books suitable for the Social Issues class "Book Cover Critique" assignment. These are books about issues of interest to teenagers. Some, but not all, of the titles are young adult novels.
Citation Guidelines -
Want help developing a bibliography or list of works cited for a research paper? This page gives examples for citing many kinds of sources both print and electronic.
Chicago Manual of Style Citation Examples -
These pages gives examples from the Chicago Manual of Style preferred by some history teachers.
Website Evaluation Rubric -
Use this rubric to evaluate the suitability of informational websites.
Outstanding Books for the College Bound in the Bessie Chin Library -
This is an annotated bibliography of books on a list published by the American Library Association. It is current as of November 18, 2003. To search for the most current list of these books in the library catalog, hit the "Category" button and choose "Outstanding books (ALA 1999)."
Content Standards and Information Literacy -
This is a compilation of places in the state content standards for grades 9-12 where infomation literacy skills are specifically mentioned or implied. Areas covered are: Science, Mathematics, English-LanguageArts, and History-Social Science.
Information Literacy Skills Continuum: Grades 6-12 -
This document outline information literacy skills from the AASL Information Power: Building Partnerships for Learning document with specific tasks aligned to specific grades.

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