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Industial revolution
Economic conditions
Great Britain--History--19th century
Technology and civilization
[country name]--Economic conditions
[country name]--Social conditions
Dewey numbers:
330.9 - Economic history
909.81 - 19th century history 
941.081 - Victorian England 
943.07 - 19th century Germany 
947 - Russia 
951 - China 
954 - India 
981 - Brazil

General Resources

Yahoo! Industrial Revolution -
Links to various Web sites from Yahoo's history section.
Steam Engine Library -
"A collection of historical documents relating to the history of the steam engine." Currently this site has links to 19 online books about the most important invention of the industrial revolution.
Industrial Revolution -
This site has links to: The Agricultural Revolution of the 17th-18th Centuries; The Revolution in the Manufacture of Textiles; The Revolution in Power; Railroads; Steam Ships; The Great Engineers; The Process of Industrialization; The Lives of Workers; Urban Life: New Social Classes; Social Reformism; and the Literary Response. (Modern History Sourcebook)
Kew Bridge Steam Museum -
This museum in Middlesex, England is housed in a historic pumping station and has working engines from the time of the industial revolution in Britain. The website includes links to pictures and descriptions of the various buildings and steam engines on display.
IRWeb: The Industrial Revolution -
This ThinkQuest site has general information about the industrial revolution. [This site is currently (11/03) unavailable]
The Industrial Revolution -
This page is intended to support a class by  Professor Gerhard Rempel at Western New England College.
Industrial Revolution -
An extensive listing of links about the Industrial Revolution, including child labor, textile industry, and the trade union movement. (Multnomah County Library Homework Center)
The Victorian Web-
Click on the Economic Contexts and the Technology buttons for useful information about the industrial revolution in Britain. For social class information click on the Social History button.
Industrial Revolution -
This list of links comes from the Open Directory Project.
Child Labor in the 18th Century -
Links to information about specific people as well as social groups. Subcategories include: Factory Reformers; Supporters of Child Labour; Life in the Factory; The Factory Workers; Tactics and Issues; The Factory Acts; and Statistics.
The Plight of Women's Work in the Early Industrial Revolution in England and Wales -
Note the links to primary source documents at the bottom of the page about woman textile workers, miners and textile workers. (Women in World History Curriculum)

China [951]

History of China -
This is the online index to a site from someone (student?/professor?) at the University of Maryland. Explore a bit, it's not very well set up. Besides its own documentation there is also a comprehnsive page of links to other China Web sites.
Yahoo! China-History-By Time Period-Timelines |
Several sites which have timelines are indexed on Yahoo.
Review of: China's Early Industrialization -
This is a review of a book by Albert Feuerwerker, published in 1958, which discusses the late 19th and early 20th century industrialization of China. The book is out of print but is on order for the library.

Germany [943]

The Second Industrial Revolution -
This page was developed to support a course on modern German history by professor at Western New England College.

Great Britain [942] (See also links above under General Resources especially The Victorian Web)

What the Industrial Revolution Did for Us -
This page was developed to support a program of the same title produced by the BBC in England. "From boiling a kettle to working in an office, much of the modern world is shaped by the achievements of the Industrial Revolution. This six-part OU/BBC series uncovers the scientific, technological and political changes of the 19th century that continue to impact on our lives today."

India [954]

Yahoo! India-History-By Time Period |
Yahoo's links to sites about ancient India and India in the 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th centuries. There is also a link to timelines of Indian history.
Kamat's Potpourri: The History of India -
"Kamat's Potpourri is produced by four members of Kamat family: Krishnanand Kamat, Jyotsna Kamat, Vikas Kamat and Hiryoung Kim Kamat. Among them, they share three Doctorates, Five Master's and and seven other degrees and Kamat's Potpourri constitutes over a hundred person-years of work." This page is their page on the entire history of India including links to timelines, the freedom struggle, medieval history, art history, Jain history, and art history. The main site is quite spectacular and if you search, for example, for "industry," you will get links to many pages on the site where the development of industry is mentioned.

Russia [947]

The Path to Revolution -
From a Web site about the history and culture of Russia, this page discusses processes which lead to 20th century revolutions including industrialization.

People [920s]

When you search for a person on the Internet, remember to put the name in quotes, e.g., "Charles Babbage" and use more than one search engine.
Samuel Slater: Father of American Industrial Revolution -
This personal page has information on Samuel Slater, the industrialist who brought the designs for Richard Arkwright's cotton-spinning machinery to Providence, Rhode Island. He is regarded as the father of the American cotton spinning industry.
Yahoo! Charles Babbage (1791-1871) -
Yahoo's page on the English mathematician and inventor. He perfected the calculating machine and invented such devices as the opthalmoscope, speedometer, and locomotive cowcatcher.
Yahoo! Robert Fulton (1765-1815) -
Yahoo's page on the American engineer and inventor. He invented the submarine and built the first successful steamboat. He also designed the world's first steam warship.
Isambard Kingdom Brunel --
Yahoo's page on the English engineer who developed and worked on many pioneering engineering projects, including the Clifton suspension bridge, the Thames tunnel, and the Great Western Railway.
John Ericsson -
Yahoo's page on the American engineer who was the designer of an early locomotive and the Ericsson hot-air engine, but whose greatest innovations were in naval development, including the screw propeller, the gun turret, and the USS Monitor, the first modern naval war vessel.
Biography Page -
This library Web page has links to many online databases and other biographical resources.

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