Island Science: Biogeography
[Dewey numbers: 551.42; 578.752; 577.52; 910.9142; 910.02142;
 for individual geographic areas see below]

 (917.98, 979.8) 
 (914.959, 949.59) 
  Hispaniola  (917.294, 972.94)    Iceland
 (914.91, 949.1) 
 (915.2, 952) 
 (916.91, 969.1) 
 (916.98, 969.8) 
 New Zealand (919.3, 993)    Sulawesi  (915.98, 959.8)    Sumatra
 (915.98, 959.8)
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General Island and Biogeography Resources

Biology and Geomorphology of Tropical Islands -
Island Biogeography Bibliography -
Island Biogeography (and Fragmentation) -
Southwestern Sky Island Ecosystems -
The Lost World -
Tree of Life Web Project -
"A collaborative Internet project containing information about phylogeny and biodiversity.... We envisage the Tree of Life being used by those interested in locating information about a particular group of organisms, by biologists seeking identification keys, figures, phylogenetic trees, and other systematic information for a group of organisms, and by educators teaching about organismal diversity. The ToL project was originally designed for biologists. However, given the response of non-biologists to the project, including middle and high school students, we are encouraging authors to include information of interest to non-biologists."
The Basic Model of Island Biogeography -
The Equilibrium Theory of Island Biogeography -
The Theory of Island Biogeography -
Island Directory -
"Basic environmental and geographic information on the significant islands of the world." Maintained by United Nations Environment Programme.


Volcanoes of Alaska: Aleutian Islands -
This page, from the Global Volcanism Program of the American Museum of Natural History, lists all the active volcanoes of the Aleutian Island archipelago. Similar pages for particular areas are listed below under the area.
Islands of the United States (Island Directory) -
Check this list for islands of the Aleutian Archipelago. Includes Adak, Agattu, Akun, Akutan, Amchitka, Amlia, Atka, Attu, Chuginadak, Deer, Dolgoi, Great Sitkin, Kagalaska, Kanaga, Kiska, Korovin, Nagai, Popof, Sanak, Sedanka, Seguam, Semisopochnoi, Sutwik, Tanaga, Umnak, Unalaska, Unga, Unimak, and Yunaska Islands.


Kriti (Island Directory) -
Natural History Museum of Crete -


Hispaniola (Island Directory) -
Eco-Hispaniola -
In Spanish.
Pre-Columbian Hispaniola: Arawak/Taino Indians -
Biota of Hispaniola -
This pilot Web site has links to animals and plants of the island.


Iceland: Island of Lava and Ice: Travallo Globetrotters -
Volcanoes of Iceland and the Arctic Ocean -
Iceland (Island Directory) -


Volcanoes of Japan, Taiwan, and the Marianas -
Japan (Island Directory) -


Madagascar Biological Inventory Initiative -
Madagascar (Island Directory) -

Marianas (North Marianas & Guam)

See under Japan for volcano link
Northern Mariana Islands (Island Directory) -
Guam (United States) (Island Directory) -


Mauritius (CIA World Factbook) -
Mauritius: A Country Study -
Mauritius: Must See -
Mauritius Wildlife Foundation -
Mauritius (Island Directory) -

New Zealand

New Zealand Prehistory and Biogeography -
Volcanoes of New Zealand -
New Zealand (Island Directory) -


Volcanoes of Sulawesi -
Sulawesi (Island Directory) -


Volcanoes of Sumatra -
Sumatra (Island Directory) -

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