Martin Luther King, Jr.
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The Martin Luther King Holiday Page -
An excellent site from the Seattle Times which marks the 10th anniversary of the creation of Dr. King's birthday as a national holiday.
Martin Luther King Papers Project -
This Web page dedicated to Dr. King has links to full-text documents and to other resources on his life and times. Also Biography of Martin Luther King. (Stanford University)
Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black History Month -
This Web site has information on King's family and educational background, awards, speeches, and his death, as well as more general information about Black History Month which is celebrated each February. (Louisiana State University Library)
Time Man of the Year 1963 -
Article from the January 3, 1964 issue of Time, in which Dr. King received the distinction of being named its "Man of the Year". A very thorough and wide ranging exploration of his life's work for non-violence and civil rights.
Letter from the Birmingham Jail -
Full text of Dr. King's famous letter that redefined the Civil Rights Movement, written April 16, 1963 while incarcerated in the Birmingham, Alabama city jail.
Nobel Prize Information File on Dr. King -
Basic information about Dr. King receiving the Nobel Prize for Peace and Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech given by Dr. King on December 10, 1964. (Nobel Prize Internet Archive)
Anti-Zionism = Antisemitism -
Selections from the writings of Martin Luther King Jr., on the subject of anti-semitism.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. -
"This biographical exhibit focuses on the background and philosophy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and examines the people, events and teachings that influenced him, his actions and beliefs. It highlights his contributions to the civil rights movement, the evolution of his ideas and motivations, and what his life and teachings meant to people, both black and white, during his lifetime and after. Text to [sic] Dr. King's famous speech, 'I have a Dream'."
Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence -
Words to the speech by Dr. King on April 4, 1967 at the Riverside Church in NY City, in which he outlines his clear opposition to the Vietnam War. This occurred one year prior to his assassination, and was considered to be quite controversial at the time.
Robert Kennedy's Speech on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Death -
On April 4, 1968, U.S. Attorney General Robert Kennedy was in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is the speech Kennedy made to the press after learning of Dr. King's assassination. Ironically, it was just a few weeks later that Kennedy himself was assassinated as he campaigned for the presidency, in opposition to the Vietnam War.

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