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Yahoo! Music -
Yahoo's links to the entire world of music. Categories include: By Region; Artists; Genres; Instruments; Album and Movie Syncs; Art; Awards; Band Naming; Booksellers; Bootlegs; Business to Business; Censorship; Charts; Chats and Forums; Classifieds; Collecting; Composition; Computer Generated; Contests, Surveys, Polls; Copyrights; Cultures and Groups; Disc Jockeys; Discographies; Downloads; Education; Employment; Equipment; Events; Fan Fiction; Film Music; Games; History; Humor; Internet Broadcasts; Karaoke; Lyrics and Notation; Music Industry Resources; Music Therapy; Music Videos; Musicology; New Releases; News and Media; Organizations; Producers; Recording; Reference; Reviews; Shopping and Services; Software; Soundtracks; Theory; Trivia; Web Directories; World Music; X of the Week; and FAQs.
Yahoo! Classical Composers -
Here you will find links to "classical" composers from the Renaissance and Baroque through the Classical and Romantics to Twentieth Century and Modern.
Carnegie Hall Timeline -
This is the Web site of one of America's premiere concert halls. Their Carnegie The & Now link offers a rich and colorful virtual visit, which includes an illustrated timeline, reflecting American music and culture over the past century.
International Music Archives -
The International Music Archives is an educational resource providing extensive information about the music of our planet. Four buttons give access to the site: Music of the World; Instruments of the World; Profiles; and What's New. Within each section you will find information about countries and regions and their musical styles, plus related sound samples and photographs.
This Day in Music History -
Listing birthdays, Broadway show and plays, and what was happening in the charts, this site gives a day-by-day history of musical events.
Early Women Composers Webring -
Click on the tambourine icon, and at the bottom of each page, to tour the ring. This Web-ring provides a selected overview of the Early Music Women Composers Page: links include annotated CD discographies, biographical and historical information, fine art illustrations, often by historical women artists, with occasional song texts, and MIDI sound files.
Southern Music in the 20th Century -
Nice collection of information about the people and events in the music of the American South during the 20th century. Includes many profiles of famous and influential composers, musicians and performers. Click on the decade that interests you for more information on that era.
The Lester S. Levy Sheet Music Collection -
Online access to American sheet music of the period 1780 to 1960. By clicking on Bibliographical Search you can see the front page of thousands of items of sheet music by: title; composer, lyricist, arranger; publication information; form of composition; instrumentation; first line; first line of chorus; dedicatee; engraver, lithographer, artist; and subject. Some wonderful period art is made available through this collection at Johns Hopkins University.
The Digital Tradition Folk Song Database -
Search for the words to folk songs here. Search by key word, or a list of key words or titles. (The Mudcat Cafe)
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame -
This museum, located in Cleveland, Ohio, has wonderful links to its own resources as well as links to other rock music sites.
80s Music Pages -
This Web site has links to such 1980s music topics as: Reviews, Trivia, Songs, Lists, and Top Ten Lists. See also In the 70s and In the 90s at this site.
Latin Rock -
This Web site at has links to individual artists and record companies online.
AMG All Music Guide -
"AMG is about more than just formal data (titles, tracks, personnel, etc.) or even fine biographies, ratings, and reviews. AMG is the only company to combine these with a variety of essays, Music Maps, and relational content into a package that allows your to explore music in real time." Coverage include albums, both current and historical, artist biographies, reviews, ratings, tracks, sidemen, credits, artist/title hyperlinks, music styles, essays and glossary, and "Music Maps" of musical styles and instruments.
California Gold: Northern California Folk Music from the Thirties -
Multicultural collection that includes sound recordings, still photos, drawings and written documents from a variety of European ethnic and English- and Spanish-speaking communities in Northern California. Many of them refer to other parts of the U.S., so are not limited to California. Includes an excellent introduction, The Ethnographic Experience: Sidney Robertson Cowell in Northern California, which explains how the music was collected, and also tells about the life and times of the collectors.
Fifties Tunes -
The music that was popular to the people of the Fifties is celebrated and examined here.
The Blue Highway -
A site devoted to the Blues, including a great list of links to other Blues music sites on the Internet.

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