Recreation, Sports and Athletics Resources
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Health Resources

Fast Scripts
Links to scripts of interviews with sports people. Includes the following sports: Car Racing, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey, Tennis, and Golf. (Not all sports are available, but many are.)
International Amateur Athletic Federation
The official Web site of the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF), the world governing body for the sport of athletics. Check here for news, records, results and other information on world wide amateur sports and athletes.
The Title IX Library
The story of how women came to have athletic programs supported and funded on an equal basis as men. Title IX is a section of the 1972 Federal Education Amendments that requires that "no person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex... be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance."
ESPNET SportsZone
ESPN on the Web, with their unique approach to sports information (lots available.)
Track & Field Statistics
A large collection of athletics statistics! Find out who is or was the fastest, best, etc.
Web of Sports
Lots of links to sports information, mostly professional, but also to college and recreational sports.
Negro Baseball Leagues
At one time, the baseball leagues were separated by race. This page is dedicated to the Negro Baseball Leagues.
Golf Magazine-- Online
Online version of a popular magazine of golfing.
The Nineteenth Hole
If golf is your game, this is the Web Home Page for you. Lots and lots of information about golf!
Tennis Server
This Web page will answer many of your questions about the sport of tennis, with recent news on events, tournaments, and the game.
Britannica Sporting Record
From the Encyclopedia Britannica Online, find out about sporting or athletic records, as well as information about athletes of the Olympics, past and present. Search by event, atllete, country, or browse by category.
The Athletics Statistics Page
This page contains links to World Wide Web pages and other information concerning the statistics of the sport of Athletics (also known, in the United States, as Track and Field).
Athletics Home Page
From Finland comes a site that has records of athletic performance.
Athletics File
Records and rankings of athletes and sporting events are found here. Includes Top 100 Female and Top 100 Male Athletes list.
America's Walking -
Companion site for the PBS series of the same name, this is a walking, fitness, travel, and active lifestyle site that offers information on how to start a daily walking habit, personal health, food and water, gear, how to make our communities more pedestrian-friendly, and the most walkable cities in the United States. With links and other resources. (LII)

The Major League Baseball Site
Sports News
ESPNET SportsZone
The Sporting News
Sports Science
The San Francisco 49ers Official Site
Oakland Raiders Official Site
The Official Site of the Golden State Warriors
The Official Site of the San Francisco Giants
The Official Site of the Oakland Athletics
The Science of Baseball
from the San Francisco Exploratorium
Baseball Cards: 1887-1914
From the American Memory project at the Library of Congress
San Jose Sharks Official Site
AYSO Soccer Shootout Game!
Soccer America Online
Martial Arts
PGA (Golf)
3-D Maze
TSR Inc.
Great American Outdoor Recreation Pages
GORP is the place to go for all sorts of adventure and eco-travel sites.

The Olympics

The International Olympic Committee
The official International Olympic Committee Web Site with information about the Olympic Movement.
The U.S. Olympic Committee
The Olympic Games from the view of the United States teams. Plenty of pictures and backgroundinformation on the American athletes and the Olympic sports is included.
96 Years of Women In the Olympics
A feminist collection of information about women in the Olympics.
A Tour of Ancient Olympia
"Compare ancient and modern Olympic sports, tour the site of Olympia as it looks today, learn about the context of the Games and the Olympic spirit, or read about the Olympic athletes who were famous in ancient times. "
Olympics Through Time
Explores the three periods of prehistory, antiquity and modern revival of the Olympic Games.
Related Olympic Sites
Links to sports federations and other information providers related to the Olympics. Many of the sports have their own pages where you can find out about them and their events. (e.g., baseball. basketball, skating, badminton, etc.)
Official Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Site
The Official Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Site with information and updates on the plans for the Summer Games of the next millenium.

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