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How to Find a Poem - http://rhsweb/library/findpoem.htm
A page which gives advice on how to find poems by title or first line, author, or subject in the Bessie Chin Library and the Marin County Free Library.
The Poetry & Literature Center of the Library of Congress - http://www.loc.gov/poetry/
This website at the Library of Congress has links to the Poetry Reading and Event Schedule; The Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry; Poetry Cybercasts: "PoetVision" and " Poet and Poem;" About the Center; Bobbitt Prize; Witter Bynner Fellowships; Archive of Recorded Poetry & Literature; and Related Links. Also at the LOC is:
Poetry 180: A Poem a Day for American High Schools - http://www.loc.gov/poetry/180/
"Poetry 180 is designed to make it easy for students to hear or read a poem each day of the 180 days of the school year. [Poet laureate, Billy Collins,] ... selected the poems you will find here with high school students in mind. They are intended to be listened to, and [he] suggest[s] that all members of the school community be included as readers. A great time for the readings would be following the end of daily announcements over the public address system."
Literature Online -  http://search.epnet.com/login.asp?profile=lop
Literature Online is the literary database which the library subscribes to. It is the online version of the Magill titles and is divided into two parts: MagillOnAuthors™ which provides unlimited access to information on notable authors from 15 complete Salem Press sets containing a total of 62 volumes. MagillOnAuthors also features a literary glossary of nearly 800 terms. This database includes: Critical Surveys (includes: Long Fiction, Short Fiction, Poetry, Drama and Mystery and Detective Fiction Series), Magill's Choice: Notable Poets, Magill's Choice: Shakespeare, Magill's Choice: 100 Masters of Mystery and Detective Fiction, and World Philosophers and Their Works. This database offers well over 3,000 records and hundreds of images covering long and short fiction writers, poets, dramatists, philosophers, etc.; MagillOnLiterature™ is the definitive, online source for editorially reviewed critical analyses. The database also includes brief plot summaries of the most studied works in the history of literature. This databaseincludes Masterplots, Masterplots II, Cyclopedia of World Authors, Cyclopedia of Literary Characters, Magill's Literary Annual 1990-2002, Magill's Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature, Magill Book Reviews, and selected essays from World Philosophers and Their Works.
American Verse Project- Texts - http://www.hti.umich.edu/bin/amv-idx.pl?page=main
The American Verse Project is a collaborative project between the University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative (HTI) and the University of Michigan Press, is assembling an electronic archive of volumes of American verse prior to 1920. Search The American Verse Project - http://www.hti.umich.edu/english/amverse/ using keywords, names or phrases, or go to the list of poets and poems and scan the list.
Yahoo! Poetry - http://dir.yahoo.com/Arts/Humanities/Literature/Poetry/
Yahoo's links to all things poetic. Some subdivisions of this subject are: Anthologies, Awards, Beat Generation, Chiasmus, Children's, Commercial Books, Countries and Cultures, Epic Poetry, Events, Haiku, Holiday Poetry, Humorous, Journals, Magazines, Organizations, Performance, Personalized, Poem of the Day, Poem of the Week, Poets, Publishers, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Sonnets, Tanka, Visual Poetry, Web Directories, Web Published Poetry,Writing, and Usenet.
Google Poetry Directory - http://directory.google.com/Top/Arts/Literature/Poetry/
Google's links to poetry websites. Some subdivisions of this subject are: Contemporary; Criticism and Theory; Directories; Electronic Text Archives; Forms; Genres; In Translation; Interactive; Magazines and E-zines; Organizations; Performance and Presentation; Poets; Reviews; Web-Published; and, Writers Resources. One of the subdirectories under "Genre" is Beat poetry.
Poetry Slam, Inc. - http://www.poetryslam.com/
The purpose of Poetry Slam is to "advocate, promote, support, witness, and/or perpetuate the art of performance poetry." This the Web site for finding out where performance poetry is "happening" across the U.S.
Light & Dust Anthology of Poetry - http://www.thing.net/~grist/l&d/lighthom.htm
"This site includes a federation of genre, subject, and author home page, as well as smaller surveys and individual poems. It should give a rough sketch of some of the possibilities of late 20th -- early 21st Century poetry from a number of different points of view and means of presentation. This is an anthology rather than a zine, and an anthology dedicated to alternative means of presentation as well as pluralistic forms and subjects. It includes over 60 complete books, new and reprinted."
Voices & Visions - http://www.learner.org/catalog/extras/vvspot/index.html
Voices & Visions, a video series from The Annenberg/CPB Multimedia Collection, explores the lives and works of 13 of America's most famous modern poets. Learn more about these poets by linking to other websites that explore their lives and work. You can also view video clips from programs in the Voices & Visions video series. Poets include Elizabeth Bishop, Hart Crane, Emily Dickinson, T.S. Eliot, Robert Frost, Langston Hughes, Robert Lowell, Marianne Moore, Sylvia Plath, Ezra Pound, Wallace Stevens, Walt Whitman, and William Carlos Williams.
The Academy of American Poets - http://www.poets.org/index.html
This Web site is the online gateway to a major professional poetry organization. As well as providing information on how to write and get poetry published, the site also provide links to discussion forums, poets featured on the site, and a "Listening Booth" featuring online audiorecordings.
Representative Poetry Online - http://eir.library.utoronto.ca/rpo/display/index.cfm
Excellent collection of the great poets of the English language, courtesy of Ian Lancashire. Poetry has been selected with editorial comments by members of the Department of English at the University of Toronto from 1912 to 1996. Included is an extensive collection of criticism, both in verse and prose forms. The works are indexed by poet, title, date, keyword and first line.
The Internet Poetry Archive - http://metalab.unc.edu/ipa/
This site gives access to the poetry of six contemporary poets, Seamus Heaney, Philip Levine, Yusef Komunyakaa, Czeslaw Milosz, Robert Pinsky and Margaret Walker. Several of these authors have won the Nobel Prize. (University of North Carolina)
British Poetry 1780-1910 - http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/britpo.html
Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions Electronic Text Center. This project invites scholars interested in Romantic and Victorian literature and poetry to help build an Internet-accessible electronic library of marked up and scholarly editions of books of poetry produced between 1780-1900. (University of Virginia)
BartlebyVerse - http://www.bartleby.com/verse/
The Web site which offers full-text books now has a gateway to American and English poetry classics. Includes such titles as the Oxford Book of English Verse, Palgrave's The Golden Treasury and several others. Searchable by time period, author, title or first line.
Poet's Corner - http://www.geocities.com/~spanoudi/poems/
"Our goal is to create the largest, most diverse, and most user-friendly public library of poetic works ever assembled. The materials on display are selected from an inventory of thousands of works by hundreds of authors...." Includes individual poems as well as complete books of poetry. Searchable by author, title and subject.
The CMU Poetry Index of Canonical Verse - http://english-www.hss.cmu.edu/poetry.html
This poetry site at Carnegie Mellon University is a collection of links organized according to the poets' names. Includes a set of links to essays and humor.
The Online Medieval and Classical Library - http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/OMACL/
Online Medieval and Classical Library (OMACL) is an archive being assembled as a service to the Internet. A free and easy way to access some of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization. Click on "genre" to go to works listed by type.
Poetry Daily - http://www.poems.com/today.htm
A wonderful site which publishes a new poem (or two) each day. You can access the poetry by title or author. Their "Daily Poems are available for one year from publication in Poetry Daily, indexed by: Poet, Title, Date." Their Past Features include "original articles, interviews, selections from special collections and journal issues, and more."
100 Poems by 100 Poets - http://etext.lib.virginia.edu/japanese/hyakunin/index.html
Features a famous illustrated collection of poems by Japanese authors. The text are in English, Japanese, and Romaji. Includes Japanese woodblock prints too.
The Shiki Internet Haiku Salon - http://mikan.cc.matsuyama-u.ac.jp:80/~shiki/
This project seeks to provide a network forum for introducing to the world the joy of Japan's short poem, haiku. Their stated hope is that those who see this will develop an appreciation and respect for haiku, familiarize themselves with it, and, ultimately while enjoying the art form as its practitioners, help to promote international exchange and friendship through haiku.
Reflections of Leon Malinofsky - http://www.crocker.com/~lwm/index.html
Mr. Malinofsky's collection of poets and great thinkers, presented through text and audio links, organized by a series of themes: Voices, Spirit, Passion, Muse, Nature.

Individual Poets On the Web

Yahoo! Poets - http://dir.yahoo.com/Arts/Humanities/Literature/Authors/Poets/
Yahoo's links to the Web pages of hundreds (1254 as of June 2000!) of poets.
Jimmy Santiago Baca - http://www.jimmysantiagobaca.com/
The official website of the Santa Fe poet Jimmy Santiago Baca, it has links to some of his poems, a short biography, itinerary of his travels, and a monthly column. Baca began writing while he was in prison in his early twenties.
William Blake Archive - http://www.iath.virginia.edu/blake/main.html
Large collection of writings and drawings of this British poet and artist of the 19th century.
Electronic Chaucer - http://lummi.stanford.edu/Media2/ASD/ASD_Homepage/ElectChaucer.html
A database archive composed of images of manuscripts, art, maps and photographs related to the study of Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge - http://www.lib.virginia.edu/etext/stc/Coleridge/stc.html
A major online resource center for Coleridge study and appreciation.
Billy Collins - http://www.bigsnap.com/linklibrary.html
This site has links to poems by Billy Collins, the former poet laureate of the U.S., as well information about Collins.
Emily Dickinson - http://www.planet.net/pkrisxle/emily/dickinson.html
Poems and a bit of biographical information about this distinctive American poet.
Selected Poetry of John Donne - http://library.utoronto.ca/www/utel/rp/authors/donne.html
Selected poetry by the immortal, "simple country parson."
BobDylan.Com - http://www.bobdylan.com/
An official website for the music and lyrics of the legendary rock singer and composer, Bob Dylan. Includes official lyrics, plus live audio recordings from original albums and concert performances.
Robert Frost - http://pronews.pro-net.co.uk/home/catalyst/RF/rfcover.html
Biography, poems, interviews and other helpful information.
Allen Ginsberg Trust - http://www.allenginsberg.org/
"... AllenGinsberg.org [is a site] where you can explore published as well as never-before-published text, photos, hand-written documents and audio and video materials representing Allen's life-work."
Michael McClure Home Page - http://www.thing.net/~grist/l&d/mcclure/mcclure.htm
One of the "Beat generation" of poets, this page has poems, essays, and interviews by and about the poet.
The Milton-L Homepage - http://www.urich.edu/~creamer/milton.html
Comprehensive collection of resources for the study of John Milton.
Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky - http://www.connectlive.com/events/libraryofcongress/
"With this lecture on 'Poetry and American Memory,' Mr. Pinsky officially opened the Library's 1998-1999 poetry and literature series. The Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry is appointed each year by the Librarian of Congress." See and hear Pinsky in a multimedia presentation.
Edgar Allan Poe - http://www.cs.umu.se/~dpcnn/eapoe/ea_poe.html
Edgar Allan Poe is mostly known for his poems and short tales and his literary criticism. He has been given credit for inventing the detective story and his psychological thrillers have influenced many writers worldwide.
Dante Gabriel Rossetti -http://jefferson.village.virginia.edu/rossetti/rossetti.html
The complete writings and pictures of Dante Gabriel Rossetti. A hypermedia environment for studying the works of the Pre-Raphaelite poet and painter D. G. Rossetti (1828-1882).
Robert W. Service - http://www.inch.com/~kdka/public_html/r~service.html
A major presentation on the British-born Canadian poet and his works. Includes full text of the famous "The Cremation of Sam McGee", and "The Shooting of Dan McGrew."
William Shakespeare - http://rhsweb.org/library/english.htm#shakespeare
The RHS Cybrary page on William Shakespeare who is famous for his poetic drama and sonnets.
Edmund Spenser Home Page - http://darkwing.uoregon.edu/~rbear/
This page will seek to collect any and all 'net materials pertaining to the life and works of Edmund Spenser.
The Poetry of Walt Whitman - http://www.liglobal.com/Walt/
A major collection of the influential 19th century poet's works and background information.
Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass - http://www.bibliomania.com/Poetry/Whitman/Grass/index.html
The Leaves of Grass, Whitman's tour de force, chapter by chapter at the Bibliomania site.

Beat Generation

Google Directory: Beat Poetry - http://directory.google.com/Top/Arts/Literature/Poetry/Genres/Beat/
Google Directory links to websites about poets of the post-World-War-II generation.
The Beat Page - http://www.rooknet.com/beatpage/index.html
The Beat Page is my personal project ("with a little help from my friends") and is intended to provide internet users with access to "all things Beat" on the web.
Poets.org - http://www.poets.org
"The official website of Academy of American Poets, Poets.org offers hundreds of essays and interviews about poetry, biographies of more than 500 poets, over 1,700 poems, and audio clips of one hundred poems. Each month, the site receives over 400,000 unique visitors, making it one of the largest and most popular poetry site on the internet."
City Lights "Beat" Page - http://www.citylights.com/CLbeat.html
Links on the website of the bookstore in San Francisco's North Beach district made famous by publishing some of the first and most important beat poets. Authors include William S. Burroughs; Neal Cassady; Gregory Corso; Diane di Prima ; Lawrence Ferlinghetti; Allen Ginsberg; Bob Kaufman; Jack Kerouac; Michael McClure; and Gary Snyder.
Beat Generation Resources Page - http://www.connectotel.com/beat/index.html
This page of links may seem a a bit confusing with "News" near the top but scroll down the page find links to individual poets and various miscellaneous web links.
Wichita Vortex Home Page - http://homepage.mac.com/thorntonstreiff/Menu9.html
This website celebrates the visit of Beat poet, Allen Ginsberg, to Wichita, Kansas in 1966.
Rebels: Painters and Poets of the 1950s - http://www.npg.si.edu/exh/rebels/index2.htm
This website, part of an exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery, has information about artists and authors of 1950s' America.
Buck's Beat Page - http://tigger.uic.edu/~dbhale/beat.html
A personal page which celebrates several of the beat poets. From a professor (of physiology and biophysics!) at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
The Psychedelic '60s: Literary Tradition and Soical Change - http://www.lib.virginia.edu/small/exhibits/sixties/
Although this page is about the 1960s, there are links to Beat generation poets of New York and San Francisco, many of whom are considered precursors to the the period.

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