Psychology & Mental Health
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Dream Analysis

Yahoo! Psychology -
Yahoo's links to the subject of psychology. Includes links through the subdivisions of: branches; companies; conferences; counseling and therapy; education; history; humor; hypnosis; journals; libraries; mental health; museums; news and media; organizations; parapsychology; psychiatry; psycholinguistics; psychologists; software; tests and experiments; transpersonal psychology; web directories; usenet.
Mental Health InfoSource -
Search the files for a variety of information related to mental health topics.
Internet Mental Health -
A free, online encyclopedia of mental health, including areas for disorders, diagnosis, medications, and many other resources. The Disorders section leads to information on various mental health problems, including: description, diagnosis, treatment, plus links to booklets and articles on the disorder.
Information on Specific Mental Disorders, Their Diagnosis and Treatment -
To learn more about a specific mental disorder look through the topics listed. From the National Institute of Mental Health.
PsychCrawler -
This site, currently (11/06) under construction, will be "indexing the web for the best in psychology." Sponsored by the American Psychological Association.
National Academy for Child Development -
Lots of information on diseases of the young, including; learning disabilities, dyslexia, hyperactivity, Down syndrome, fetal alcohol syndrome, Williams syndrome, Tourette syndrome, Rhett syndrome, fragile X, developmental delayed, autism, cerebral palsy, brain injury, coma, mental retardation, minimal brain dysfunction, etc.
Center for Mind-Body Medicine -
"Mind-body medicine focuses on the interactions between mind and body and the powerful ways in which emotional, mental, social and spiritual factors can directly affect health." -
" is a first stop, and a gateway to information about depression on the Internet. Based on a large and easily accessible online database, the editorial staff of screens the latest news and research, reviews the dozens of depression-related sites in cyberspace, and provides an innovative, interactive forum for people who deal with it." Commercial site sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline.

Dream Analysis

Dream Dictionary -
Over 3500 sysmbols and themes are interpreted on this website. Browsable alphabetically and by theme.
Dream Central's Dream Dictionary! -
Browse this website by the alphabet to find out the "dream meaning" of various symbols and terms.
Dream Symbol Dictionary -
"The term dream dictionary is in fact a misnomer, given that the symbolic interpretations can be applied to any area of your life, and nobody but you can define your associations with symbols. Rather than attempting to define symbols for you, the purpose of this dream dictionary is to help stimulate lateral thinking which is an important component of dream interpretation. The dictionary includes as wide a variety of meanings as possible for each symbol to enable you to find one that resonates with you."
The Dream Dictionary -
Another list of words and symbols with their meanings in dreams.
Online Dream Interpreter --
Information about dreams as well as an alphabetical list of various symbols and images with their interpretations. (This site may be blocked from school.)

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