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Though you may not need to ask permission to use them when publishing on the Web for educational purposes,

you still must cite these images unless otherwise notified!

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America From the Great Depression to World War II: FSA/OWI 1935-1945

American Memory Collection: Library of Congress (click on "Photos and Prints" and check the "Copyright and Restrictions" section for each collection)

American Memory Maps Collection

Art Images for College Teaching

Daguerreotype Portraits and Views 1839-1864

Department of Agriculture Image Gallery

Department of the Interior Photo Resources Library


Images of American Political History

Internet Moving Images Archive (read Conditions of Use)

Metropolitan Museum of Art

(Please read copyright info on

NARA's (National Archives and Records Administration) NAIL Search

NASA Image Exchange

NASA Multimedia Gallery

NASA Photo Archive

NASA's Planetary Photojournal

National Library of Medicine: Images from the History of Medicine

NOAA Photo Library (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration)

*Pics4Learning (A great collection of donated photos!)

Picturing the Century: 100 Years of Photography

Selected Civil War Photographs

US Air Force Link: Photos and Art

US Fish and Wildlife Services Images

US Geological Service Photographic Library

US Navy Images

USDA Historical Photos

Clip Art/Image Generators

Action Links Clip Art

Animation Factory

Barry's ClipArt Server

ClipArt Connection

*Cool Archive (Mrs. V's favorite!)

Cool Finder: Free Graphics

Cool Text

*Discovery School Clip Art Gallery (great for teachers!)

Free Science Clip Art


(Site states "For personal purposes, you may use the images found on GOgraph’s website and include a limited number of those image(s) on a personal, non-commercial website.)


Science-Related Clip Art

*Web Clip Art (

More Clip Art

Searching for images

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