Redwood Reading Enrichment Program

Staff Member Title Author
Louise Aliano Sense and sensibility
Alias Grace
Jane Austen
Margaret Atwood
Martha Allen Songs in ordinary time
Saint maybe
She's come undone
Sometimes a great notion
Mary McGarry Morris
Anne Tyler
Wally Lamb
Ken Kesey
Britt Block Ender's game
Coyote waits
The railway man
Storm queen
Hawk mistress
Forbidden tower
Exile's song
Orson Scott Card
Tony Hillerman
Daphne Du Maurier
Keith Johnstone
Eric Lomax
Marion Zimmer Bradley
Judy Bloch Angela's ashes
Polar dreams
Frank McCourt
Avram Chetron Foreign affairs
So long, see you tomorrow
Jitterbug perfume
Buddy Holly is alive and well on Ganymede
Alison Lurie
William Maxwell
Tom Robbins
Sheila Nickerson
Bradley Denton
Mitch Cohen The diversity of life
Caught inside
Edwin O. Wilson
Daniel Duane
Mike Dibley Friday night lights H.G. Bissinger
Sandy Francis Presumed innocent
The burden of proof
Midnight in the garden of good and evil
Scott Turow

John Berendt

David Goldman Trading with the enemy
A handmaid's tale
The man in the high castle
Robert Hickham
Margaret Atwood
Philip K. Dick
Stephannie Haver Bonfire of the vanities
Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
The jungle
Sometimes a great notion
Northanger Abbey
Tom Wolfe
Douglas Adams
Upton Sinclair
Ken Kesey
Jane Austen
Steve Hettleman Crossing to safety
A prayer for Owen meany
The lords of discipline
Wallace Stegner
John Irving
Pat Conroy
Sylvia Jones Play it as it lays
Nine stories
The complete stories
The wall
Joan Didion
Nora Ephron
J.D. Salinger
Flannery O'Connor
John Hersey
Tom Kaun Midnight's children
The satanic verses
The Moor's last sigh
House of glass
Child of all nations
A confederacy of dunces
Salman Rushdie

Pramoedya Anata Toer

John Kennedy Toole

Ann Linder Cat's eye
Even cowgirls get the blues
The boy lama
You just don't understand
Maraget Atwood
Anne Lamott
Tom Robbins
Vicki Mackenzie
Deborah Tannen
Gino Pomilia The hunchback of Notre Dame Victor Hugo
Marilee Rogers The color of water
The sixteen pleasures
Pigs in heaven
Reviving Ophelia
James McBride
Robert Hellenga
Barbara Kingsolver
Mary Pipher
Todd Samet Song of the dodo
The beak of the finch
Full house
Wonderful life
The control of nature
David Quammen
Jonathon Weiner
Stephen Jay Gould

John McPhee

Julianne Schrick Charms for the easy life
The book of Ruth
A prayer for Owen Meany
Undaunted courage
Kaye Gibbons
Jane Hamilton
Cormac McCarthy
John Irving
Stephen Ambrose
Lisa Sharpe Watership Down
The bluest eye
Stones from the river
Geek love
Richard Adams
Toni Morrison
Ursula Helgi
Katherine Dunne
Bob Stempel One hundred years of solitude
The crossing
Narcissus and Goldmund
It's easier than you think
Crooked little heart
Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Cormac McCarthy
Hermann Hesse

Sylvia Boorstein
Anne Lamott

Ann Tepovich Angela's ashes
She's come undone
A civil action
Frank McCourt
Wally Lamb
Jonathan Harr

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