THE RESEARCH PROCESS: Research Process Rubric

Use the following rubric to help you decide how proficient you are in doing research. For another research rubric click here. 
  Target Indicators
1 - Emerging (Beginning)
2 - Adequate
3 - Accomplished
4 - Exceptional (Mastering)
How I Determined My Information Needs
  • Someone else defined the topic and the information I needed.
  • Someone else defined the topic. I could identify, with help, some of the information I needed.
  • I determined the topic and identified the information I need.
  • I determined a manageable topic and identified the kinds of information I needed to support it.
  • How I Developed a Search Strategy
  • Someone else selected the resources I needed and showed me how to find the information.
  • Someone also developed my plan and timeline.
  • I didn't know what to record.
  • I selected resources but they weren't always appropriate.
  • I had an incomplete plan and a timeline, and didn't always stick to them.
  • I had to go back to my resources to find bibliographic details.
  • I couldn't find an adequate variety of information resources.
  • I used a variety of information strategies and resources.
  • I had a complete plan and stayed on my timeline.
  • I usually recorded bibliographic information as I found it.
  • I always selected appropriate strategies and resources.
  • I had a complete plan and was able to adjust my timeline when needed.
  • I always recorded bibliographic information for all my sources as I found them.
  • How I Located and Accessed Information Sources
  • I didn't understand how to find and use information sources.
  • I couldn't find or use a variety of information sources.
  • I was able to find and use a variety of information sources.
  • I was comfortable finding and using a large variety of information resources.
  • How I Assessed and Comprehended Information
  • Someone else helped me get the facts I needed from resources.
  • I had no way to determine what information to keep and what to discard. 
  • I could extract details and concepts from a few types of information resource.
  • I sometimes applied appropriate criteria to decide which information to use.
  • I extracted details and concepts from many types of resources.
  • I examined my information and applied criteria to decide what to use.
  • I extracted details and concepts from all types of resources.
  • I effectively applied criteria to decide what information to use.
  • How I Interpreted and Organized Information
  • I needed help to find which resources to use. I didn't know how to use facts.
  • I had trouble processing and organizing information.
  • I needed to be reminded to credit sources.
  • I used the minimum sources assigned. I just listed the facts.
  • I was able to organize information and put it into an outline.
  • I credited sources appropriately some of the time.
  • I created and improved my product by using a variety of resources from school and the Internet.
  • I organized information in different ways.
  • I credited sources appropriately most of the time.
  • I compared/contrasted facts from a variety of sources found both in and out of my community. I used various media for products and audiences
  • I organized information to best meet my information needs.
  • I always credited sources appropriately. 
  • How I Communicated the Information
  • I wasn't sure what actions to take based on my information needs.
  • My product was incomplete. I didn't revise.
  • I knew what to do with the information I find.
  • I completed my product, but needed help revising. 
  • I acted based on the information I had processed, according to my needs.
  • I completed, practiced and revised my product.
  • I acted independently on the relevant information I'd processed, and explained my actions clearly.
  • I completed, practiced and revised my product several times. I asked for feedback. 
  • How I Evaluated the Product and the Process
  • I didn't know how I did. I needed someone to help me figure out how to improve.
  • I knew how well I did, and had some idea of how to improve.
  • I knew how well I did, and made some revisions.
  • I evaluated the product and process throughout my work, and revised when needed.
  • Adapted from the Kansas State Department of Education

    For other research rubrics see Secondary Non-Experimental Research rubric and Secondary Experimental Research rubric from the Kansas City Public Schools Collaborative Research Network.

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