THE RESEARCH PROCESS: Research Process Rubric II

Process Criteria Components
Planning Researcher formulated a thoughtful hypothesis, question, or tentative thesis. ___ prompted a "So what?" question
___ focused
___ did not lend itself to readily available answers
Gathering Researcher gathered information from a full range of quality print and electronic resources, including appropriate licensed databases and primary sources. ___ used effective search strategies
___ brainstormed keyword, subjects, related terms
___ used appropriate syntax for search tools
___ used appropriate search tools
___ evaluated resources
___ consulted balanced resources
___ used structured formats for extracting information
Organizing Researcher processed and synthesized ideas and information from various sources to answer question or demonstrate thesis. ___ avoided "research holes"
___ paraphrased effectively
___ used "quotable" quotes
___ integrated own ideas, paraphrases, and quotes smoothly
___ synthesized information to convey new understanding
___ used effective supporting evidence
___ used structuring tool (e.g. graphic organizer, outline)
Documenting Researcher used information ethically. ___ credited ideas, text, graphics, and other media
___ followed in-text documentation format correctly
___ followed Works Cited or Works Consulted format correctly
Reflecting Researcher reflected thoughtfully and specifically on the process used. ___ followed directions in reporting research process
Adapted from Research CheckBric by Joyce Valenza <>
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