Tamalpais Research Handbook
Student Edition


Your research project will give you the chance to explore and present information on a subject that interests you. You may be asked to only to summarize the information, or you may be asked to develop a particular point of view. Although you might be asked to only use print material, you might also be encouraged to include interviews, surveys, or other primary sources. Online and other digital information, as well as mass media, might also be relevant to your project. As you gather information on your subject, you may form an opinion or interpretation which differs from someone else's. That original perspective about what you have learned is very important. Clearly, the more you learn, the more informed your statements will be. Your conclusions should be well-substantiated and should express your own ideas.
Handbook Table of Contents
  • Research Quick Guide 
  • Detailed Research Guide 
  • General Information Resources 
  • A Guide to Note-Taking 
  • A Guide to Outlining 
  • Giving Credit in Research (Bibliography Formats) 
  • A Research Process Rubric 

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