Russia and the Soviet Union
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General Resources

Soviet Archives Exhibit -
A virtual museum with many primary documents at the Library of Congress. Includes: Internal Workings of the Soviet System, which explains how the Soviet system worked under the communists, especially during the decades following the Revolution; and The Soviet Union and the United States, which shows how relations between the Soviet Union and the United States were driven by a complex interplay of ideological, political, and economic factors, which led to shifts between cautious cooperation and often bitter superpower rivalry over the years.
A Chronology of Russian History -
"This page dates the major (and some not so major) events in Russian history and links them with explanatory and related materials on the Web. The chronology has been divided into four arbitrary periods: Kievan-Appanage (860-1689), Imperial (1689-1916), Soviet (1917-1991) and Post-Soviet (1991 to the present). A fifth page displays related chronologies on specialized subjects." (Bucknell University)
Alexander Palace Time Machine -
"The Alexander Palace was the home of the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II, and his family. This Web site provides an online tour of the building, the people who lived in it and palace history."
The Russian Revolution -
A Web site which offers many links to Russian Revolution information. A personal web page. Includes: Russian Revolution in Dates, a timeline of the major events of the Russian Revolution, covering the period from 1905 through 1924. (David Barnsdale)
History of Russia -
Part of the "official site of the Russian National Tourist Office."
The Fleet Reborn -
The role of the Russian navy is explained in this chapter from the book: History of the Russian Navy.
Maps of the Republics -
This is the Web site of the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas, Austin. This page has links to maps of Russia and the Former Soviet Republics.
Faces of Russia -
Cultural History of Russia from 850 AD to the Present

Revolutionary Ideologies

The Marx/Engels Archive -
Primary source information related to Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, theoreticians of the Russian Revolution and the Soviet system. Includes links to other authors, including Leon Trotsky, another revolutionary writer.
Marx' and Engels' Writings -
From the English Server, full-text documents by the two authors.

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