Library Materials Selection Policy

Our Mission
The mission of the Bess Chin Library is two-fold:
we build and maintain a diverse collection of materials in various media to support the curricular and personal needs of students and staff;
we build and maintain a user community adept at the use and creation of these materials. Specifically we develop users who are information literate, who are independent learners, and who exhibit social responsibility. (Information Power. AASL, 1998)

The Bess Chin Library selects, organizes, preserves and makes available materials that contribute to the cultural, educational, and recreational enrichment of our diverse community. The Library provides information and a public forum for the exchange of ideas, and affirms each individual's freedom to read and access all library materials and use library services.

1. Principles of Selection
    The guidelines for the selection and placement of books and other library materials and the providing of library services are based on Board Policy 6163.1 Libraries/Media Centers (adopted Feb. 23, 1993). The text of that policy follows.

    "The Board of Trustees endorses the School Library Bill of Rights as drawn by the American Library Association which asserts that the responsibility of the school library is:

    It is the intent of the Board to achieve the standards of the American Library Association, and the budget shall reflect this intent."

    The Library Bill of Rights is interpreted in the ALA's Access to Resources and Services in the School Library Media Center, Diversity in Collection Development, and The Universal Right to Free Expression documents.

    The library does not serve as censor of the reading of any member of the community. The library does not endorse opinions expressed in the materials that are stocked. Indeed, since materials often hold diametrically opposite views, this would be impossible.
    It should also be recognized that some materials chosen may be offensive to some patrons but may be meaningful and significant to others. Works being considered should be viewed as a whole, not in isolated parts.

2. Selection Criteria 3. Responsibility for Selection

The ultimate responsibility for selection of materials rests with the Director of County Library Services. (California Education Code Section 19146). The responsibility for selection of books and other materials is shared by every professional member of the staff. All staff recommendations and suggestions from patrons are always welcome and given serious consideration.

The Bessie Chin Library strives to provide a collection of new and classic, exciting and relevant materials which support the curriculum, are age appropriate, and meet the district's curriculum standards.
While there is currently support from both the state and the district for the purchase of materials, the library does welcome donations as long as they meet the criteria outlined below. Materials which are donated but do not meet the following criteria will be given to a non-profit organization for their use or sale. Currently, the Bessie Chin Library gives materials it cannot use to the Hospice of Marin for use in their regular used books sales.

  • Materials donated to the Bessie Chin Library must meet the same criteria used for selecting all library and instructional meterials as outlined in the Policies and Procedures of the Tamalpais Union High School District.

  • Other criteria and procedures include the following:
  • Books which are in poor or damaged condition will not be accepted.
  • Books which poor quality bindings may or may not be accepted, depending on the condition and the reparability of the binding.
  • Materials which are accepted will be catalogued into the circulation system and shelved in their regular shelf order. No special collections of donated materials will be created.
  • If requested by the donor, a book plate may be affixed into donated items citing the name of the donor and/or one in whose memory the item has been donated.
  • Persons wishing to help with collection development can always make a monetary donation. Checks should be made out to: Redwood High School (with a note in the memo area noting the donation to the library).



    Other policies affecting patron use of the library and library materials include: the Internet Policy and the Library Bill of Rights (and associated interpretive documents.)