Social Issues Books

This list of fiction books has been developed for the 9th grade Social Issues course at Redwood High School.

Listed by Author Listed by Theme  Annotated Social Issues Books (pdf)

Agee, James
Allison, Dorothy
Alvarez, Julia
Atwood, Russell
Banks, Russell
Bauer, Joan
Beckman, Gunnel
Bennett, Cherie
Berg, Elizabeth
Berry, Liz
Block, Francesca
Blume, Judy
Bonham, Frank
Bradbury, Ray
Brautigan, Richard
Bridgers, Sue
Brown, Rita Mae
Burgess, Anthony
Burns, Olive Ann
Burroughs, William S.
Campbell, Bebe
Cao, Lan
Carroll, Jim
Cart, Michael
Carter, Alden R.
Chambers, Aiden
Chehak, Susan Taylor
Childress, Alice
Childress, Mark
Cisneros, Sandra
Clark, Mary Higgins
Cole, Sheila
Cooney, Caroline B.
Cormier, Robert
Craven, Margaret
Crew, Linda
Culin, Charlotte
Deaver, Julie
Deuker, Carl
Donovan, Stacey
Dorris, Michael
Doyle, Paddy
Esquivel, Laura
Ferris, Jean
Flagg, Fannie
Forster, E.M.
Gallo, Donald R., ed.
Garden, Nancy
Gibbons, Kaye
Goines, David Lance
Golding, William
Grant, Cynthia D.
Green, Bette
Greene, Shep
Grumley, Michael
Guest, Judith
Guy, Rosa
Hanauer, Cathi
Hautzig, Deborah
Hayden, Torey L.
Head, Ann
Hentoff, Nat
Hinton, Nigel
Hinton, S.E.
Holland, Isabelle
Holman, Felice
Hopkins, Jerry
Houtzig, Deborah
Ingold, Jeanette
Irving, John
Jackson, Shirley
Kata, Elizabeth 
Kay, Terry
Kaysen, Suzanna
Kellogg, Marjorie
Kennedy, William
Kent, Debora
Kerr, M.E.
Kesey, Ken
Keyes, Daniel
Kincaid, Jamaica
King, Buzz
Kingsolver, Barbara
Klein, Norma
Knowles, John 
Lamott, Annie
Lee, Gus
L'Engle, Madeleine
Levenkron, Steven
Levitin, Sonia
Lifton, Betty Jean
Lipsyte, Robert
Matas, Carol
Mazer, Norma Fox
McBride, James
McCullers, Carson
McDaniel, Lurlene
Miklowitz, Gloria
Mishima, Yukio
Morrison, Toni
Mowry, Jess
Murray, Yxta Maya
Myers, Walter Dean
Nabokov, Vladimir
Naylor, Phyliss Reynolds
Neufeld, John
Newton, Suzanne
Oughton, Jerrie
Oneal, Zibby
Paterson, Katherine
Paulsen, Gary
Payne, C.D.
Peck, Richard
Pennebaker, Ruth
Plath, Sylvia
Ramsey, Martha
Reynolds, Marilyn
Rottman, S.L.
Rubin, Theodore Isaac
Ruckman, Ivy
Ryan, Joan
Salinger, J.D.
Sanders, Dori
Scoppettone, Sandra
Sender, Ruth Minsky
Shulman, Irving
Shusterman, Neal
Snyder, Anne
Sparks, Beatrice
Staples, Suzanne Fisher
Stoehr, Shelley
Swarthout, Glendon Fred
Thomas, Piri
Thurman, Wallace
Townsend, Sue
Voigt, Cynthia
Walker, Alice
Ward, Mary Jane
Wilder, Thornton
Witinger, Ellen
Wojciechowska, Maia
Wolff, Virginia Euwer
Woodson, Jacqueline
Yablonsky, Linda
Go ask Alice
A death in the family
Bastard out of Carolina
How the Garcia girls lost their accents
East of A
Nothing but the truth
Rule of the bone
Rules of the road
Admission to the feast
Life in the fat lane
Joy school
Durable goods
Girl goddess #9
The hanged man
Tiger eyes
It's not the world
Viva Chicano
Fahrenheit 451
Watermelon sugar
Home before dark
Sudden death
Rubyfruit jungle
A clockwork orange
Cold Sassy tree
Naked lunch
Your blues ain't like mine
Monkey bridge
Basketball diaries
My father's scar
Between a rock and a hard place
Dance on my grave
A hero ain't nothin' but a sandwich
Crazy in Alabama
House on Mango Street
A stranger is watching
What kind of love?
Driver's ed
After the first death
The chocolate war
In the middle of the night
I heard the owl call my name
Children of the river
Cages of glass, flowers of time
Say goodnight, Gracie
Night hoops
Sees Behind Trees
Paddy Clark, ha ha ha
Like water for chocolate
Looking for home
Invincible summer
Daisy Fay and the miracle man
Time capsule
Good moon rising
Ellen Foster
Cry revenge
Lord of the flies
The white horse
The drowning of Stephan Jones
The boy who drank to much
Life drawing
Ordinary people
Second heaven
My sister's bones
Second star to the right
Murphy's boy
Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones
I'm really dragged but nothing gets me down
Collision course
The outsiders
Rumble fish
That was then, this is now
The man without a face
Of love and death and other journeys
Slake's limbo
No one here gets out alive
Second star to the right
The window
The cider house rules
We have always lived in the castle
Patch of blue 
The kidnapping of Aaron Greene
Girl, interrupted
Like the lion's tooth
Ten speed summer
Deliver us from Evie
Night kites
Hello, I lied
One flew over the cuckoo's nest
Flowers for Algernon
Annie John
Silicon songs
Pigs in heaven
Taking sides
A separate peace 
China boy
The young unicorns
The best little girl in the world
The singing mountain
I'm still me
The contender
The brave
Sworn enemies
After the rain
Out of control
Solid gold kid
Taking Terri Mueller
The color of water
The heart is a lonely hunter
Thousand pieces of gold: A biographical novel
When happily ever after ends
Close to the edge
Forbidden colors
The bluest eye
Way past cool
Six out seven
Walker's Crossing
Lisa, bright and dark
Edgar Allen
Almost a hero
Where are you when I need you?
Perfect family
In summer light
Bridge to Terabitha
The car
Youth in revolt
The last safe place on earth
Remembering the good times
Don't think twice
The bell jar
Where I stopped
Detour for Emmy
Jeff's baby
Too soon for Jeff 
Lisa and David
The hunger scream
Little girls in pretty boxes
The catcher in the rye
Franny & Zooey
The late, great me
The cage
West Side story
What daddy did
My name is Davy--I'm an alcoholic
It happened to Nancy
Shabanu: Daughter of the wind
Bless the beasts and children
Down these mean streets
The blacker the berry
The Adrian Mole diaries
When she hollers
The homecoming
The color purple
The snake pit
The bridge of San Luis Rey
Hard love
Tuned out
Make lemonade
If you come softly
The story of junk
drug abuse
death; growing up
alcoholism; child abuse
growing up Dominican American
urban crime
runaways; drug use; Rastafarians
growing up
body image
growing up
growing up
mentally ill
child abuse
growing up
growing up
growing up poor and gay
gangs; violence
family life
drug abuse
growing up Vietnamese American
drug abuse
alcohol; homosexuality; child abuse
diabetics; suvival
peer pressure
drug abuse; African Americans
growing up in Alabama in 1965
growing up Latino
teenage pregnancy
peer pressure
peer pressure
death; father-son
growing up Cambodian American
child abuse; alcoholism
basketball; friendship
death; growing up
Native Americans; blindness
growing up Irish
teenage pregnancy
terminal illness; friendship
growing up; father-daughter
Edwardian gay love
20th century America
growing up gay
alcoholism; growing up
gang violence
peer pressure; survival
heroin addiction
drug abuse; gay men
mental illness; suicide
child abuse
West Indian American lesbian
sisters; growing up Jewish
child abuse
teenage pregnancy
draft resistance; growing up
hit-and-run drivers
growing up
growing up
growing up
friendship; homosexuality
death; parent-child; divorce
rock music
blindness; prejudice 
mental illness
child abuse; violence
lesbian relationship
rock music; bisexuality
mentally ill
mental retardation
growing up in Antigua
computer crime; homelessness
terminal illness
friendship; war 
alcoholism; mother-daughter
growing up Chinese American
gangs; blind
growing up in Israel
gangs; boxing
growing up Native American; boxing
growing up
sexual harassment
child sexual abuse
kidnapping; divorce
growing up Chinese American
death; suicide

gangs; African Americans
gangs; Latinos
fashion modeling
gangs; African Americans
child sexual abuse
militia groups
mental illness
child abuse; homelessness
growing up; college
teen pregnancy
growing up; father-daughter; artist
independence; homelessness
divorce; survival
mental illness; suicide
teenage pregnancy
teenage fatherhood
teenage pregnancy 
growing up
mentally ill
growing up 
friendship; brother-sister 
murder; father-son 
growing up in Pakistan 
growing up in Pakistan 
drug abuse; self-mutilation 
growing up
growing up Puerto Rican
race prejudice
growing up in England
child abuse
drug use
family violence
mentally ill
love; growing up
drug use; brothers
teen motherhood
inter-racial relationships
drug abuse

ADOPTION  Kingsolver. Pigs in Heaven
Lifton. I'm Still Me
Neufeld. Edgar Allen
Penneboker. Don't Think Twice
AIDS  Kerr. Night Kites
Sparks. It Happened to Nancy
ALCOHOL  Allison. Bastard Out of Carolina
Cart. My Father's Scar
Culin. Cages of Glass, Flowers of Time
Gibbons. Ellen Foster
Greene. The Boy Who Drank Too Much
Kennedy. Ironweed
Lamott. Rosie
Scoppettone. The Late Great Me
Snyder. My name is Davy: I'm an alcoholic
CHILD ABUSE Allison. Bastard Out of Carolina
Block. The Hanged Man
Cart. My Father's Scar
Guest. Second Heaven
Hayden. Murphy's Boy
Kellogg. Like the Lion's Tooth
Mazer. Silver
Morrison. The Bluest Eye
Neufeld. Almost a Hero
Voigt. When She Hollers
COMPUTER CRIME  King. Silicon Songs
DEATH AND DYING Agee. A Death in the Family
Beckman. Admission to the Feast
Blume. Tiger Eyes
Cormier. In the Middle of the Night
Craven. I Heard the Owl Call My Name
Deaver. Say Goodnight, Gracie
Donovan. Dive
Ferris. Invincible Summer
Guest. Ordinary People
Hinton. Collision Course
Holland. Of Love and Death and Other Journeys
Klein. Sunshine
Mazer. When the Phone Rang
McDaniel. When Happily Ever After Ends
Peck. Remembering the Good Times
Shusterman. What Daddy Did
Sparks. It Happened to Nancy
Wilder. The Bridge of San Luis Rey
DISABILITIES Carter. Between a Rock and a Hard Place
Dorris. Sees Behind Trees
Ingold. The Window
Kata. A Patch of Blue
McCullers. The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
DIVORCE Blume. It's Not the World
Holland. Of Love and Death...
Klein. Taking Sides
Mazer. Taking Terri Mueller
Paulsen. Hatchet
DRUGS  Go Ask Alice
Burroughs. Naked Lunch
Childress. A Hero Ain't Nothin' But a Sandwich
Neufeld. Lisa Bright and Dark
Stoehr. Crosses
Voigt. Orfe
Wojciechowska. Tuned Out
Yablonsky. The Story of Junk
EATING DISORDERS Hanauer. My Sister's Bones
Hautzig. Second Star to the Right
Levenkron. The Best Little Girl in the World
Ruckman. The Hunger Scream
Stoehr. Crosses
ETHNIC ISSUES Alvarez. How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents
Armstrong. Sounder
Arrick. Chernowitz
Baldwin. If Beale Street Could Talk
Bambara. Gorilla, My Love
Beatty. White Boy Shuffle
Berger. Little Big Man
Bonham. Viva Chicano
Borland. When the Legends Die
Butler. Kindred
Campbell. Your Blues Ain't Like Mine
Childress. Crazy in Alabama
Craven. I Heard the Owl Call My Name
Dorris. Sees Behind Trees
Ellison. Invisible Man
Gaines. The autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman
Guy. The disappearance
----------. Ruby
Kadohata. The Floating World
Hodge. For the Life of Letitia
Lee. To Kill a Mockingbird
Levitin. The Return
Lowry. Number the Stars
Marshall. Brown Girl, Brownstones
Mathis. Listen to the Fig Tree
McMillan. Waiting to Exhale
Meyer. White Lilacs
Miklowitz. The War Between the Classes
Momaday. House Made of Dawn
Mowry. Way past cool
----------. Six out seven
Myers. Scorpions
Okada. No-no Boy
Parks. The Learning Tree
Paton. Cry, the Beloved Country
Sanders. Clover
Silko. Ceremony
----------. Almanac of the Dead
Soto. Baseball in April
Sinclair. Coffee Will Make You Black
Straight. I Been in Sorrow's Kitchen and Licked Out All the Pots
Taylor. Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Thurman. The Blacker the Berry
Walker. The Color Purple
Williams. The Man Who Cried
Woodson. Maison at Blue Hill
----------. From the Notebooks of Melanin Sun
Wright. Native Son
----------. Rite of Passage
GANGS  Burgess. A Clockwork Orange
L'Engle. Young Unicorns
Lipsyte. The Contender
Mowry. Way past cool
----------. Six out seven
Murray. Locas
Myers. Scorpions
Shulman. West Side Story
Thomas. Down These Mean Streets
GROWING UP  Agee. A Death in the Family
Allison. Bastard Out of Carolina
Banks. Rule of the Bone
Burns. Cold Sassy Tree
Childress. Crazy in Alabama
Cisneros. The House on Mango Street
Doyle. Paddy Clark, Ha Ha Ha
Flagg. Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man
Gibbons. Ellen Foster
Hentoff. I'm Really Dragged But...
Kincaid. Annie John
Lipsyte. The Brave
Mazer. Silver
----------. After the Rain
Newton. Where Are You When I Need You?
Oneal. In Summer Light
Salinger. The Catcher in the Rye
Staples. Shabanu: Daughter of the Wind
----------. Haveli
Swarthout. Bless the Beasts and Children
Townsend. The Adrian Mole Diaries
HOMELESSNESS King. Silicon Songs
Neufeld. Almost a Hero
Paulsen. The Car
Voigt. The Homecoming
HOMOSEXUALITY Brown. Sudden Death
----------. Rubyfruit Jungle
Cart. My Father's Scar
Chambers. Dance on My Grave
Forster. Maurice
Garden. Good Morning Rising
Green. The Drowning of Stephan Jones
Grumley. Life Drawing
Guy. Ruby
Holland. The Man Without a Face
Kerr. Deliver Us From Evie
----------. Night Kites
----------. Hello, I Lied
Mishima. Forbidden Colors
Warren. The Front Runner
IMMIGRANTS Alvarez. How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents
Cao. Monkey Bridge
Crew. Children of the River
McCunn. Thousand Pieces of Gold
Lee. China Boy
Thomas. Down These Mean Streets
KIDNAPPING  Clark. A Stranger Is Watching
Cormier. After the First Death
Duncan. Five Were Missing
Mazer. Solid Gold Kid
----------. Taking Terri Mueller
Fitzgerald. Tender Is the Night
Guest. Ordinary People
Gilman. The Yellow Wallpaper
Jackson. We Have Always Lived in the Castle
Kellerman. Over the Edge
Kesey. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Keyes. Flowers for Algernon
Neufeld. Lisa Bright and Dark
Piercy. Woman on the Edge of Time
Plath. The Bell Jar
Rubin. Jordi
----------. Lisa and David
Reynolds. But What About Me?
Steinbeck. Of Mice and Men
Ward. The snake pit
PEER PRESSURE Alcook. The trial of Anna Cotman
Bunting. Jumping the Nail
Carrere. Class Trip
Chehak. Smithereens
Cooney. Driver's Ed
Cormier. The Chocolate War
Duncan. I Know What You Did Last Summer
Rhue. The Wave
POVERTY Arnow. The Dollmaker
PREGNANCY & PARENTING Cole. What Kind of Love?
Ferris. Looking for Home
Head. Mr. and Mrs. Bo Jo Jones
Irving. Cider House Rules
Lyle. Fair day, and Another Step Begun
Neufeld. For All the Wrong Reasons
Oughton. Perfect family
Pennebaker. Don't Think Twice
Reynolds. Detour for Emmy
----------. Jeff's Baby
SELF-MUTILATION Levenkron. Best Little Girl in the World
Stoehr. Crosses
SEXISM & SEXUAL HARASSMENT Atwood. The Handmaid's Tale
Auel. The Clan of the Cave Bear
Duncan. Daughters of Eve
Hurston. Their Eyes Were Watching God
Mazer. Out of Control
----------. Silver
Miklowitz. Past Forgiving
----------. Desperate Pursuit
Tamar. Fair Game
Tan. The Joy Luck Club
Trice. Only Twice I've Wished for Heaven
SUICIDE Arrick. Tunnel Vision
Bambara. The Salt Eater
Bunting. Jumping the Nail
Guest. Ordinary People
McDaniel. When Happily Ever After Ends
Miklowitz. Close to the Edge
Oe. The Silent Cry
Peck. Remembering the Good Times
Tyler. Saint Maybe
VIOLENCE  Bennett. Skinhead
Chahek. Smithereens
Cormier. After the First Death
----------. We All Fall Down
----------. The Chocolate War
Duncan. Killing Mr. Griffin
Golding. Lord of the Flies
Kellogg. Like the Lion's Tooth
Lynch. Iceman
----------. Shadow Boxer
Taylor. Sweet Friday Island

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