Social Data & Statistics
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Statistics Yahoo! -
The Yahooo directory has links to various sites with statistical information. Categories include: Agriculture; Business and Economy; Children; Crime; Education; Energy; Environment; Government Agencies and Resources; Health; Internet; Labor; Population; Poverty; Regional; Social Sciences Data Collections; Trade; and Transportation.
Finding Data on the Internet -
This page is a wonderful collection of links to sources of data on a wide variety of subjects. Well-organized and easy to understand. (Robert Niles)
OFFSTATS: Official Statistics on the Web -
A central source for links to official international statistics sites, from the University of Auckland Library, New Zealand. Global, regional, and national statistics are available in a wide range of topic areas including demographics, economics, finance, crime, and religion. Searchable. Examples of statistics providers include the UN, World Bank, US Census Bureau, and the OECD. From University of Auckland Library, New Zealand. (LII)
National Center for Education Statisitcs -
The center at the federal Department of Eduaction which collects and disseminates statisitcs on educational matters.
Track and Field Statistics -
The U.S. Census Bureau -
The federal agency that surveys and keeps track of information on the U.S. and its people. At the same site: Population Profile of the United States, this page has links to a wide range of sample survey and census data on demographic, social, and economic trends; POPClock Projection, has current population estimate for the U.S. which changes on a minute by minute basis.
Statistical Abstract of the United States -
The official U.S. government source for data or statistics on the American people and their government. With Adobe Acrobat you can read and print out sections of the Abstract.
County and City Databook: 2000 -
"In one convenient place for your school project, business plan, or other tasks, official population and housing data from the 2000 Census plus business and other data for--All U.S. counties, Cities with 25,000 or more inhabitants, and Places of 2,500 or more inhabitants."
Economic Statistics Briefing Room -
The purpose of this service from the White House is to provide easy access to current Federal economic indicators, produced, maintained and updated by the statistical units of those agencies.
Social Statistics Briefing Room -
The purpose of this service from the White House is to provide easy access to current Federal social statistics including crime, education, health and demographic data. It provides links to information produced, maintained and updated by the statistical units of those agencies.
California Facts 1996 -
Facts about the social, political, and economic life of California are presented in text with explanatory charts and graphics. Click on your area of interest for additional information. (Legislative Analyst's Office)
Campus Statistics for U.C. Berkeley -
A wide range of statistical data is available about the Berkeley campus of the University of California.
Bureau of Labor Statistics -
Lots of information about the United States, with respect to labor issues, with recent economic data included. Includes: Most Requested Data From The Bureau of Labor Statistics, data for labor related topics over a series of months and years; allows you to select the data and years desired, and then returns the data in a list; at the Selective Data Access, you will find a database information about various consumer items which allows you to select and compare data on a wide variety of costs and figures for American workers and consumers.
The Gallup Organization -
A major polling and surveying company presents statistical information online.

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