Tobacco and Smoking Information
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General Tobacco Links

Smoking From All Sides -
This page attempts to present both sides in the smoking debate. Sections include: Health Aspects, Statistics, Tobacco News, Tobacco History, "Unfortunately for my quest for a balanced page, the anti-smoking position seems to be overwhelmingly more prevalent than the pro-smoking position on the net."
Tobacco BBS -
Tobacco BBS is a free resource center focusing on tobacco and smoking issues. It features tobacco news, information, assistance for smokers trying to quit, alerts for tobacco control advocates, and open debate on the wide spectrum of issues concerning tobacco, nicotine, cigarettes and cigars.

Tobacco History and Advertising

The Tobacco Wars -
Mother Jones magazine series on the history of tobacco and the controversies associated with it. Covers all aspects of the crop and tobacco products. Click on "side-stories" to get extra information as you scan the article.

Tobacco Farming

TobaccoLeaf -
TobaccoLeaf: The International Tobacco Growers' Association is the voice of thousands of tobacco farmers all over the world. Includes the facts and figures about the production. Tobacco has great economic and social importance in many developing and developed countries. TobaccoLeaf offers you the farmers' viewpoint.

Tobacco and Health

National Cancer Institute FactBook -
A guidebook on cancer related information prepared by a government agency: National Cancer Institute. Includes useful statistics and trends sections.
Action on Smoking and Health -
Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) is a national organization devoted solely to the problems of smoking and to protecting nonsmokers' rights, Offering a lot of information about the politics of smoking and tobacco.
Biostatistical Fact Sheets -
Heart attacks and strokes affect people of all ages and races. This page offers statistical information on populations and risk factors (including tobacco), plus additional areas of related interest. (American Heart Association)
The Great American Smokeout -
The annual Great American Smokeout Day takes place on the third Thursday in November. Plan Your Quit Day helps smokers decide, prepare, and follow through with the decision to quit, while the Complete Guide to Quitting provides them with information on medicines, methods, withdrawals, weight gain, stress, and more help. Other links offer ways to curb nicotine cravings and to enhance the length and quality of his or her life. (American Cancer Society) (LII)

Tobacco Product Information

Cigars and Cancer - Some Important Papers -
A report that gives the summaries of a number of research studies about the affect of cigar smoking and cancer.
Additives Reference Guide -
A 35 page document from the Brown & Williamson archive which gives a list of the additives used in smoking tobacco and background on them.
Philip Morris USA -
The Web site of the tobacco manufacturing giant. This site has links to such topics as: About Us (mission & values, company information, careers, and press room); Our Products (ingredients in cigarettes, tar & nicotine numbers, and making our cigarettes); Health Issues (cigarette smoking and disease, addiction, quitting smoking, low tar cigarettes, secondhand smoke, and Surgeon General reports); Responsible Marketing (Tobacco Settlement Agreement and marketing practices); Policies, Practices & Positions (youth smoking prevention, community involvement, litter, environment, legislation & regulation, public place smoking, and suppliers); and Customer Service links.

Tobacco Law and Politics

Children and Tobacco -
Press releases, fact sheets, and regulations of tobacco sales to children. This site has a lot of information related to laws and regulation relating to tobacco.
Sin of Omission -
A Mother Jones magazine article, which addresses the question: "How long can religious conservatives go on about protecting kids from dangerous drugs without saying anything about smoking?" Contains background information on tobacco and politics.

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