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General Web  Background

The Virtual Community-
The Table of Contents to the influential and visionary book, The Virtual Community, by Howard Rheingold.
Network Observer -
The Network Observer (TNO) was a free on-line newsletter about networks and democracy edited by Phil Agre of the Department of Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. It was published monthly from January 1994 to July 1996. "Every issue include[d] a few short articles, either by [Phil] or by guest authors, plus three regular departments: the wish list, which discusse[d] a potential application of advanced computing technology; [the] month's recommendations, usually short book reviews; and follow-up, which summarizes on-line discussion of previous issues and offer[ed] pointers to useful net resources that [Phil had] discovered in the last month."
Telecommunications Act of 1996 -
The Act signed into law by President Clinton on February 8, 1996 governs how we communicate through electronic devices, from telephones, to radio and television, as well as computer networks. This link provides a wide range of information about it, including two full-text versions of the law. This site, sponsored by the Federal Communications commission has links to: Text of the Act; FCC Materials; Proceedings; Information at Other Sites.
Yahoo! World Wide Web -
Yahoo's links to sites about the World Wide Web. Includes links to the subdivisions: ActiveX; Beginner's Guides; Books; Browsers; Caching; Common Gateway Interface (CGI); Chat; Conferences; Cookies; Databases and Searching; Evaluation; Gateways; History; HTML; HTTP; Imagemaps; Java; JavaScript; Magazines; Meta-Content Format; Organizations; Page Creation; Portals; Programming; Searching the Web; Security and Encryption; Servers; Site Announcement and Promotion; SMIL; Software; Statistics and Demographics; Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML); XML; FAQs; and Usenet.

Creating Web Sites

Setting Up Your Own Internet Server-
An Internet server, often called a web server, stores information that can be accessed by other computers connected to the Internet. All of the data that's available on every website is stored on various servers around the world. This data is retrieved and downloaded by personal computers that visit the site, allowing users to see it. Web servers can also used as gateways that allow other computers to connect to the Internet. There is a wide range of complexity in web servers. It's possible to set up a simple one right at home using a personal computer." (Mimosa Systems)
Web Weavers Bibliography -
A central site where information and links to Web development information is kept and updated. (The Libraries of Purdue University)
Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design -
Have you ever wondered why you are having trouble getting information from a Web Page that claims to offer everything you ever need to know about whatever? This article, written in May 1996, was updated with "Top Ten Mistakes" Three Years Later .
The Vision of an Accomplished Webmaster -
A feature article/interview from a 1995 issue of CMC Magazine. Reveals how a successful Web page designer (for the New York Times) plans for the production of an excellent page.
Web Wonk: Tips for Writers and Designers -
David Siegel's extremely helpful tips on how to create a Web page that looks good and does what you want it to do. A "write" friendly page!
Web Style Guide -
"This style manual developed as an outgrowth of our own World Wide Web (Web) development projects. It reflects our attempts to apply some of the lessons we've learned in twelve years of multimedia software design, graphic interface design, and book design to the new medium of Web pages and site design." Not an introduction to HTML but really about the graphic design of Web pages. (Yale University)
The Teachers.Net Website Handbook -
A one-stop Web Page to get teachers started creating WWW Pages, including nice tips and ideas for using Web browsers, and where to get the free software for Web authoring and use. This commercial site also provides the Home Page Generator which makes creating your own Homepage is as easy as 1-2-3...
Beginner's HTML Guide -
All about HTML, the HyperText Markup Languaged used to allow Web documents to be read and interconnected with each other. Provided by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA).
Boogie Jack's Web Depot-
Web Depot is "your one stop outpost for free backgrounds, left border backgrounds, wallpapers, textures, buttons, banners and other graphics. You'll also find html and graphics tutorials, sound effects, contests, and other diversions. The menu below isn't all, click the 'List All' link for a complete list of the content in that category."
SchoolNotes provides a site ... -
"One of the oldest and most respected Web development sites (since 1995) ... is about the Web and Webmastery. From browsing to authoring, HTML to advanced site design, we'll keep you in touch and informed."

Maintaining Web Documents and Sites (see also section above)

WebSite Garage-
A free service that will check your website for efficiency, making sure that you have properly designed it, and offering suggestions for improvement.
htmlGEAR -
htmlGEAR is "the premier Web site for add-on tools that will spice up your page! Poll your visitors, add a guestbook, hype your site Ś the fun's just starting!" (Lycos)
WebDeveloper -
All sorts of information on how to develop Web sites and get connected to the virtual community of the Internet.

Graphical Images

Barry's Clip Art Server -
Lots of useful links to downloadable art to use on the Web, and elsewhere, provided by Barry Pase.
Yahoo! Clip Art -
Yahoo's links to all sorts of clip art on the Web.
Art I Need -
Art I Need, self-described as "your ultimate cache for multimedia on the web!!," offers unlimited downloads of an "ever increasing collection of more than a million original and new cliparts, illustrations, photographs, web arts, fonts and sounds" royalty free. This is a commercial site with subscriptions ranging from $19.95/1 month to $129.95/1 year. > tips > graphics -
This interesting site is a directory of free or inexpensive images online.
WebClipz -
A categorized directory of annotated links to clip art, animations, screen savers, and other graphics. Holidays, animals, sports, and places are among the categories listed. Most of the resources are free or have some free offerings, though some may have use restrictions. (LII)

Video and Multimedia

QuickTime Home Page -
QuickTime is the multimedia architecture used to store, edit and play synchronized graphics, sound, video, text and music. It is for multimedia delivered on CD-ROM and the Internet. In other words, QuickTime is the technology that makes multimedia a reality on Macintosh, Windows and other platforms, capturing, creating, editing, and delivering multimedia.

Connecting to the Internet

Telnet for the Macintosh User's Guide -
The software that allows machine to machine connections on the Internet has an online guide. Version 2.6. (National Center for Supercomputing Applications)
Thr List: Area Code 415 -
Internet service providers in the 415 area code are listed here. Costs are included, along with other relevant information. Other area codes may also be found by changing the number in the URL.
Where to Announce Your New WWW Pages and Journals -
Here are some sites onto which you can announce your new WWW publications. Share what you have created with the World Wide Web!

Hardware & Software Sources

Virtual Dr Tutorials-
"Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of 'how-to' tutorials on the Web. Select from the following topics: At Home; Handhelds/PDAs; Hardware; Internet; Operating System; Software; and Linux."
Everything Computers Radio Show -
The web site for the "O'Donnell on Computers" radio show, featuring: This Week's Links and Previous Week's Links and Shows for lots of helpful tips.
California Schools' Software Discount Purchasing Via CTAP -
Here is the special pricing available to K-12 schools, due to arrangements made with CTAP. Only schools and districts may purchase at these prices.
"CalSAVE is a statewide project designed to help schools acquire technology for teaching and learning, without breaking the budget. CalSAVE negotiates to create opportunities for California K-12 public schools and districts to participate in discount buying and licensing of educational technology instructional resources."
Shareware and Freeware From Tucows -
Large collections of free and low cost software for the Internet.
Microsoft Free Downloads -
The Microsoft Company offers free software, including their Internet Explorer, and lots of others that stand alone or run with other major Microsoft applications.
ZDNet Downloads-
ZDNet offers a list (with links) of their top picks for Internet related Windows compatible software that is downloadable. Also gives links to their Shareware Library, which offers a wider variety.
NewsBytes -
A daily and weekly collection of news stories about computers and networking.
Macworld Online -
Online version of Macworld magazine, published by ZDNet.
Windows Sources-
A place for the serious Windows user to get the latest information from ZDNet.
ZDNet News -
The Web version of ZDNet's PC Magazine.
Apple Educational Product Information -
An official Apple Website with company and product information.
Microsoft Corporation-
Information from the company which produces Internet Explorer and Windows software.

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