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All About The Internet

The Internet As Curriculum - http://www.fno.org/jan97/curriculum.html
Jamieson MacKenzie's article in his online magazine, From Now On, examines the nature of curriculum, and offers strategies for its use with the vast and chaotic resources of the Internet. His concept of "prospecting" for information offers effective strategies for both students and teachers.
When the Book? When the Net? - http://fno.org/mar2000/whenbook.html
"This article first appeared in the February-March, 1995 issue of From Now On, written at a time when schools were just beginning to network, at a time when the promises of great virtual libraries were being trumpeted far and wide. The 1995 article struck a cautionary note, arguing that printed books would remain essential for quite a long time. Five years later, the printed book seems even more important as the free Internet has spawned a new information landscape that often seems blemished and disappointing, dominated by pop culture, commercials, entertainment values and a billboard sensibility. Information is more freely available than ever before, but quality is elusive. Noise often exceeds signal."
MCTP Workshop Handouts - http://www.wam.umd.edu/~toh/Handouts.html
Collection of handouts from various Internet trainers at organizations, schools and colleges. (Maryland Collaborative for Teacher Preparation)
Internet Librarian 98 Presentation - http://www.wolinskyweb.com/jintro.htm
Collection of handouts and links to places to visit during a workshop on the Internet. Created by a librarian for reference librarians who had little or no previous Internet experience.
Internet Tipsheets - http://www.epa.gov/Region2/library/pubs.htm#net
Tips for effective use of the Internet, from a librarian's perspective, including basic and advanced searching techniques. (Environmental Protection Agency, Region 2, Library)
The Snorkel - http://www.TheSnorkel.org/
"A support forum for K12 technology leaders." Writings on current and past issues facing technology leaders. Please contribute your suggestions; A collection of downloadable tools of the trade; Quick tips on technology tools and how to use them; A database of experts and a powerful listserv with over 300 participants; and A searchable collection of the best of the Web.

Learning to Use the Internet

Argus Internet Guides Clearinghouse
The Internet is as much about collaboration and cooperation as anything else. Individuals and organizations make their information resources available, usually free of charge, via the Internet. The Clearinghouse service is to find, describe, evaluate, and make available these guides via a single central location.
From Now On
An online journal with lots of ideas and help for educators using the World Wide Web and the Internet, edited by Jamieson McKenzie, Director of Libraries, Media and Technology, Bellingham Schools, Bellingham, WA.
A Modular Approach to Teaching the World Wide Web
The teaching pyramid and the eight modules provide the basis for a President's Showcase of Ideas poster session at the June, 1997 American Library Association Conference in San Francisco. (Wolfgram Memorial Library, Widener University)
Resources for Internet Trainers
The Library of Congress page on Resources for Internet Trainers. It also has a direct link to the Library of Congress page on Internet Guides and Tutorials.
Internet Training
From the master of the Web, John December, a huge, well organized set of links to pages that can show and tell you all you ever wanted to learn about the Web, and help you teach it to others as well!
ILC Glossary of Internet Terms
A thorough source for definitions of words and terms related to the Internet.
Internet Terminology and Definitions
Find definitions for those strange and exotic new words you see while using or reading about the Internet.
Netscape Handbook
If you are browsing with Netscape right now, this link can be found in the "Help" pulldown menu.
A Guide to Eudora
Eudora is a free (there is a commercial version available too) e-mail application that allows you to read and write e-mail off line. You need a direct-connect, SLIP or PPP route to the Internet to use it.

Evaluating Internet Sources

Evaluating Web Resources
The goals of this module from Teaching the WWW is twofold: 1. Provide materials to assist in teaching how to evaluate the informational content of Web resources; 2. Provide a bibliography of materials related to teaching how to apply critical thinking techniques to Web resources.
Critical Evaluation Survey: High School
A useful WWW evaluation survey, plus links to related resources for the critical evaluation of Internet resources. (Kathy Schrock)
Critical Evaluation of Resources on the Internet
A simple, straightforward set of five key points by which an Internet information resource may be evaluated. (University of Alberta, Canada)
Internet Source Validation Project
The purpose of this Action Research project was to develop a set of guidelines for students and teachers who want to use the Internet as a source of information for research papers.
Thinking Critically About WWW Resources
This succinct UCLA checklist offers content, structural and source-date criteria for Web resource evaluation.
Evaluating Quality On the Net
Hope Tillman offers an in-depth analysis and overview of criteria for evaluation of Web resources. Includes an interesting overview of resource types, with links to example pages; plus excellent sections on search engines, guides, and a nice summary of criteria at the end of the document.
Web Page Evaluation Worksheet
This worksheet for Web site evaluation was created by Dr. Nancy Everhart for use in her classes at St. John's University - Division of Library and Information Science.

Internet Curriculum

Computer Skills for Information Problem-Solving
Doug Johnson and Michael B. Eisenberg have written this paper on an effective approach to using the Internet for research.
CLRN - http://clrn.org
"California Learning Resource Network will provide educators with an information surce to assist in the selection of technology-based supplementary materials aligned to standards and linked to model lesson plans utilizing technology." The launch date for the site is May 17, 2001.
Problem Based Learning
Problem Based Learning is easily personalized to the needs of individual students, who are better able to learn at their own pace. It is especially suitable for an information-rich curriculum.
Information Literacy and the Net
An online course from Bellingham Schools (Washington) "emphasizes student investigations as vehicles to explore the information available over the Internet. The course engages participants in learning the research cycle, several types of literacy, Gardner's seven intelligences and much more."
Curriculum & Lesson Plans for Information Literacy
The Washington Library Media Association has gathered together a collection of approaches and lessons that support the teaching of Information literacy skills.
The Building Blocks of Research: An Overview of Design, Process and Outcomes
This document tries to tease out the relationships among information literacy, problem solving, curriculum design and teaching. (Debbie Abilock, Nueva School)
Media / Media Literacy
Huge collection of links related to the understanding of the mass media. Special sections on commercial media-television, general and multimedia, media literacy, media and children, and media history.
Using Primary Sources
Suggestions for using primary sources were compiled from the National Digital Library's Educators' Forum held in July, 1995. (American Memory Library of Congress)

Guides to Finding Useful Web Pages

The Internet Services List
A collection of Web Pages, organized according to their subject. This is one of the first and most thorough places of this type, maintained by Internet pioneer, Scott Yanoff.
Lots of new resources are appearing on the Internet every day. This is one of the places to find out about some of the more useful sites. Operated by Gleason Sackman.
Scout Report
The Scout Report is a regular publication provided by the Info Scout and the InterNIC to provide a sampling of the best of newly announced Internet resources.
IAT Infobits
"Infobits is an electronic service of the Institute for Academic Technology's Information Resources Group. Each month we monitor and select from a number of information technology and instruction technology sources that come to our attention and provide brief notes for electronic dissemination to educators."
RHS Cybrary Research Page
This page provides links to general research sites and information on how to write or present research, including copyright and citation issues.
RHS Cybrary Gateways Page
This page provides links to Internet gateways, sites which give access to well-organized information, generally maintained at university libraries and other educational institutions.
RHS Cybrary Searchable News Page
This page provides links to the search pages of major newspapers and news organizations, arranged nationally, locally, and internationally.

Online Journals

While not comprehensive this list gives several places to begin searching about technology news in general and computing and the Internet specifically.

Technology In General

New York Times: Technology - http://www.nytimes.com/pages/technology/index.html
The technology section of the N.Y. Times online.
USA Today Tech - http://www.usatoday.com/tech/front.htm
The Tech pages from the national newspaper USA Today.

Computing and the Internet Specifically
BYTE - http://www.byte.com/
BYTE.com is the "online home of the world's premier computer magazine. Since 1975 we've covered emerging hardware and software systems with unmatched breadth and depth."
First Monday - http://www.firstmonday.dk/index.html
First Monday is a peer-reviewed electronic journal about the Internet and the Global Information Infrastructure.
Information Today - http://www.infotoday.com/IT/default.shtml
A monthly newspaper with "coverage of late-breaking news and long-term trends in the information industry." See also the following site.
Searcher: The Magazine for Database Professionals - http://www.infotoday.com/searcher/default.shtml
This is "a unique publication that explores and deliberates on a comprehensive range of issues important to the professional database searcher. The magazine is targeted to experienced, knowledgeable searchers and combines evaluations of data content with discussions of delivery media. Searcher includes evaluated online news, searching tips and techniques, reviews of searchaid software and database documentation, revealing interviews with leaders and entrepreneurs of the industry, and trenchant editorials."

PC World Online - http://www.pcworld.com/
This commercial site "offers quick access to authoritative reviews of computer products, the most current product pricing information, continuously updated news, an extensive library of carefully evaluated freeware and shareware, interactive tools, and free newsletters. The winner of the 2003 Maggie Award for Best Online Publication, PCWorld.com helps business managers plan, buy, integrate, and use computer products for work and home alike." The library subscribes to this magazine and articles are available through EBSCOHost as well.
Smart Computing - http://www.smartcomputing.com/
This is the online version of a print magazine which began publishing in 1990 as PC Novice. "Popular regular features include a Q&A section, which answers readers’ questions; PC Operating Instructions, which focuses on the fundamental skills of using various operating systems; and Quick Studies, which contains how-to articles explaining a single feature of major applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, WordPerfect, and Quicken. Other sections cover the Internet, computing basics, upgrading components, troubleshooting, and more."
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